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TMZ: What Kevin Really Wants From Britney

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Sources connected with the custody battle between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline tell TMZ $$$$ may really be at the heart of the tussle over the kids.

As we first reported, K-Fed is going back to court asking for more custody of the kids. Federline just agreed to a 50/50 split. Then, he turned around almost immediately and filed papers asking for 70/30. So why such a sudden change of heart?

It’s puzzling that Kevin is suddenly alarmed, given that he’s had absolutely no contact with Spears for almost three months. In fact, we’re told she’s begging him to communicate because of parenting issues but he won’t play ball.

That brings us to the paperwork Federline filed. Sources say there are declarations from Kevin, both of his lawyers, Kevin’s nanny and a nanny who interviewed with Britney in October, 2006, before the couple separated. In the papers, Federline’s lawyer also included various magazine articles about Britney. Legal experts say good luck getting that into evidence.

Alli Sims, Britney’s cousin, was served over the weekend. Kevin’s lawyer wants to take her deposition. Now here’s what’s telling. Federline’s lawyer also wants to take Britney’s depo, but a source connected with Alli says the deposition notice Britney received is all financial — in other words, the references are all about money, not the kids.

So does K-Fed want more custody just so he can get more cash? A Federline source says it’s all about the kids and not money. Federline wants Britney under oath talking about whether she drinks and how she parents the kids.

Oh, and by the way: Kev’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is asking that Britney pay his legal fees for the hearing and preparation — and that they’re in the six figures.

Source: TMZ

Britney Seeks "50 Truths Worth Knowing"

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Gearing up for what could prove to be a bruising custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline, Britney Spears apparently sought some spiritual enrichment this weekend – by shopping.

While the exercise is hardly unusual for Spears, her purchase was: a book.

Also, not just any book, but a $12.95 Hallmark gift volume, 50 Truths Worth Knowing, which she picked up, along with some candles, at a drug store in Los Angeles, photos reveal.

As the pictures show, Spears went shopping with her “cousin,” Alli Sims. The pop star’s outfit? Shades, a fedora and boots with the price tag still attached.

“If you like ‘food for thought’ you’ll enjoy a veritable feast in 50 Truths Worth Knowing,” is how the 216-page hardcover (with ribbon bookmark) is described on the Hallmark Web site. “A collection of fifty true-life experiences, this uplifting and unforgettable book offers convincing proof that the most important truths are often revealed in simple and surprising ways.”

The singer, 25, has certainly been surprising herself of late. Last week, the normally brown-eyed girl tried out green contact lenses for a video shoot in Santa Monica.

Sims, 26, too was faced with a surprise development of her own early Sunday when, after partying with Spears at a private house in Hollywood, she was served with legal papers that will force the former assistant and friend to testify at Spears’s divorce hearing.

Source: People Magazine

More Info On Alli Being Served

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At 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, Britney Spears’s longtime pal, Alli Sims, was served with legal papers concerning the ongoing custody battle between Spears and her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, a source tells PEOPLE.

Sims was leaving a party at a private home in the Hollywood Hills when she was served by Aaron Cohen of IMS-Security.

“Alli was really shocked and covered her face,” an observer tells PEOPLE. “[She was] really distraught and said ‘Oh my God.’ “

Spears, who was also at the party, did not witness the serving of the papers, according to the observer.

The papers are a deposition subpoena sent by Federline’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, compelling Sims to testify about Spears’s parenting skills.

Sims, who has known Spears since childhood and is regularly at her side while partying in Los Angeles, recently told PEOPLE: “[Britney] is a wonderful mom and she is so hands-on. … Britney loves those babies to death. And they adore her.”

On Wednesday, Federline filed for primary custody of the couple’s two sons, Sean Preston, 22 months, and Jayden James, 10 months.

A source close to Federline told PEOPLE recently that the would-be rapper has been worried about Spears’s behavior and thinks she may be exposing the boys to “unnecessary risk.”

Source: People Magazine

Alli Sims Served With Legal Papers From Kevin's Lawyer

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In the latest chapter of the Britney Spears and Kevin Federline divorce, KFed has taken things to a new level! Life & Style has learned exclusively that Kevin’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, initiated a commando-style raid in the dead of the night, at 3 a.m. this morning, to serve Alli Sims, Brit’s assistant/cousin, with papers!

At the time of serving, Alli was at an LA house party, and was “absolutely angry” about what was happening, says an eyewitness. Only a few hours earlier, Brit was having dinner in LA with two male friends, totally unaware of the unfolding drama.

Life & Style has learned that the documents state that Alli will be grilled about everything from A to Z about Brit’s parenting skills – including whether she changes diapers, and whether the mom of two drinks too much.

The papers were served by Aaron Cohen, who owns IMS-Security, an elite Hollywood security firm made up of Israeli Counter Terror commandos.

Check out the new issue of Life & Style this week for more details on this developing story!

Source: Life & Style

This is just getting crazier by the day…

Britney's New Single/Album Not On Jive's Release Schedule Yet

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There’s a reason why Britney Spears’ record label hasn’t confirmed a release date for Spears’ forthcoming album. There isn’t one.

Gina Orr, a publicist with Jive Records, says that there is nothing currently scheduled for release from Spears. Does that mean Spears’ album isn’t on its way? Nope. Jive simply doesn’t have it on its released schedule yet.

Source: Billboard

Exclusive: New Britney Song Title; "Play"

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The title of a new Britney song has been revealed, “Play”, by someone at a record label who heard a demo of it! The lyrics to the chorus are quite suggestive, “Play…/Baby turn me on…/Just a little game of one on one…”.

It is unknown whether Britney has recorded this song (yet), but the demo was definately on hold for her.

Thanks a lot to Bunxer for the info!

Editor-In-Chief Of Allure Magazine Talks About Why Britney Is On The New Cover

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I once tried to explain Allure’s covers to a group of eight-year-old boys. They were visiting our offices on a school field trip (one of the boys was my son), and I was doing my best imitation of Miss Jean Brodie crossed with Jack Black. I revealed how we select our profile subjects, retouch the images, and craft over the cover lines (boys, do know what “alliteration” means?). One eager student’s hand shot up. “Have you ever had Paris Hilton on your cover?” he asked.

“No,” I said. “And if I ever do, you’ll know it’s a sign of the apocalypse.”

I wonder what those eight-year-old boys would make of Britney Spears on this month’s cover of Allure. I wonder how I would explain it to them.

The first time we photographed the former Mouseketeer, she was 18 years old and full of promise. It’s hard to remember that Britney. I’d seen her at the MTV Video Music Awards, when she ripped off her tuxedo down to a nude, sequined bodysuit and flung herself and her long blonde extensions around the stage. Anyone with a pulse could tell that this was an electrifying performer. For her second Allure cover, in 2005, Britney was slightly world-weary: newly married for the second time, she vowed to get her life, her body, and her career back in shape. This time, with two children, a divorce, a stint in rehab, and an apparently breakdown involving an electric razor, Britney seemed to be joining Paris Hilton in the tabloids with nothing to promote except questionable judgment.

Still, I had hope. Spears had been in the recording studio on and off for the past two years, slowly working on her next album. I thought we could present the profile as her comeback. Perhaps Britney’s story would be redemptive, like those of Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore, and Mariah Carey before her.

Britney showed up for Allure’s cover shoot on time and ready to work. She was entirely unself-conscious: She took off her wig and then stripped down to the waist, for no apparent reason, before sitting for hair and makeup. She was agreeable and cooperative on the shoot and left at the end of the day, followed by a trail of paparazzi. And that was the last we saw of her.

Since then, Britney has had a dust-up with her mother, fired the cousin who drove her to the photoshoot, and been dropped by her publicist. She missed four appointments for an interview with Allure.

Britney has long lost her role-model status. That dream of a comeback seems to occupy an ever-more-distant speck on the horizon. Deeply flawed, confused, and unsure of whom to trust, Britney Spears still commands our attention — perhaps even more so now than before her life imploded. It is this phenomenon that Judith Newman captures in her story. Liberated from an interview, Newman delivers an insightful piece about the nature of celebrity in 2007. And that is why Britney is on our cover.

Linda Wells, Editor-in-Chief

"Car Accident Victim" Files A Police Report Against Britney

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britney spears car has the exclusive interview with Britney Spears’ car accident victim, Kim Robard-Rifkin.

The troubled singer hit a parked car on Aug. 6 with her black Mercedes convertible while shopping at an L.A. strip-mall pharmacy in the Valley.

The singer’s two children were not with her at the time, but Spears–who was not wearing a seatbelt–was clutching her new Yorkie puppy, London, the entire time while navigating her turn into a parking spot. In the process, she hit Robard-Rifkin’s silver Mercedes station wagon.

As she tells exclusively, Robard-Rifkin, a Beverly Hills nurse, was at Petco picking up dog food and kitty litter on Monday when Spears–as Robard-Rifkin later learned–bashed into the back, right-hand side of her car.

“I found out it was Britney Spears who hit my car and I was sort of amused, sort of shocked, sort of like, ‘Oh, only this could happen in La La Land,” Robard-Rifkin tells

Pictures widely circulated online show Spears crouching by the station wagon to check out the damage, clad in a cobalt blue dress and holding her puppy. The singer can also clearly be seen flinging her car door open immediately after the fender-bender, hitting Robard-Rifkin’s car again.

“Of course she’ll get to me,” Robard-Rifkin remembers thinking, “because obviously there was a lot of paparazzi there and what kind of person wouldn’t realize that wasn’t going to be on TV and she had to be responsible and contact me?”

As it turns out, Spears did not contact the nurse. Instead, Robard-Rifkin found out about the accident when an Australian reporter showed up at her door at 8:00 a.m. the morning after the accident for comments.

Robard-Rifkin’s husband then went online and saw the smoking-gun pictures of Britney hitting his wife’s station wagon. “I saw pictures of exactly what happened,” says Robard-Rifkin. “It was bad enough that she hit my car, but then when she got out and slammed her car door into mine, that was sort of slightly annoying.”

As is the first to report, Robard-Rifkin filed a police report against Spears Thursday morning in L.A.

This is just the latest legal trouble for Spears, whose ex-husband Kevin Federline reportedly filed for full custody of their two children, Sean Preston, 22 months, and Jayden James, 10 months, on Wednesday.


Elizabeth Arden Rep Releases Statement About The "Believe" Photoshoot

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“We recently shot Britney Spears for the print campaign for her new fragrance Britney Spears Believe, in Santa Monica. It is true that Britney did leave the set; however, she returned after a brief time. Kylie was the wardrobe assistant on the shoot. We used her as a stand in so that we could set up the lighting while Britney was off the set. When Britney returned, we shot the national print ad with her.The only person in the national print ad for Britney’s Believe fragrance is Britney Spears.”

Source: Access Hollywood