Less Than 2 Hours To Go Until Britney Hits The Stage

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If Britney is still the opening act, then there is now less than two hours to go until her performance!

If you live in the UK, the show starts at 2AM (3AM in Central Europe). Most of MTV Europe are showing it live, but UK fans will have to wait until 9PM Monday to see it onTV. Don’t forget to watch the show at 9PM EST if you live in the US!

Keep it here for all the latest… We will have all the latest pictures and the video as soon as it’s available.

UPDATE: I’m trying to find a link to stream the show live online, so people who can’t watch it on TV can see it.  If you know of any link to a streaming version of it, please post a comment with the link in this post!

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  • kully


    Hey im from the UK too, ill be watching it tomorow nite, but a member on exhale found a link to mtv brazil, it starts at 22:00 brazil time, so thats 2am UK time, its a live stream, theyre not showing the pre show, just the award show im guessing, and i think it only works in 56k, its not great quality, but its better then nothing, this is the link http://mtv.uol.com.br/mtvcast/


  • Mark


    Kully, THANK YOU SO MUCH! you’re great! I live in Spain and i’ts 2 in the morning here and the tv is suddently broken! at least i’m gonna be able to see Britney’s comeback! Thanks a lot!


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