Britney & Kevin Trying To Reach Agreement Outside Court

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Britney Spears “just wants to be a mom,” her lawyer, Laura Wasser, said Friday – adding, “I believe this is a frustrating time for her.”

Wasser spoke to reporters outside the courtroom after another hearing in the custody fight between Spears and ex-husband Kevin Federline. and CelebTV cited court documents signed Friday saying Spears will continue to pay Federline $20,000 in spousal support, but it’s unclear how long that deal will remain in effect.

Wasser did not confirm any details about what was discussed. Asked if this is a frustrating time for Spears because of the negative reactions to her appearance last Sunday at the MTV Video Music Awards, Wasser said, “Yes. I think she just wants to be a mom, and both of her kids’ birthdays are this week, and I think she would’ve liked to celebrate with them without having to worry about the entire nation – the entire world – being concerned about what’s going on with her personally and her custody battle with Mr. Federline.”

Federline’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, said outside court that, as far as how Federline was faring, “He is doing great.”

Asked if Spears’s recent public appearance is helping or hindering her case, Kaplan replied, “I don’t know what thing you are referring to, and I’m not going to talk about any strategy. I think how she is doing is something for her attorneys to address.”

Wasser, when asked to address a story that Spears tried to offer Federline a settlement, which he was resistant to accept, replied, “I don’t believe that’s true. They met and are trying to work it out so they don’t have to have a judge make determinations for them regarding their kids. I don’t know that he was resistant or she was resistant. They are both trying to work to come up with something together.”

On Wednesday, Spears, 25, attended an unscheduled meeting with Federline, 29, and his attorney at the Century City offices of Wasser. The meeting fell on son Jayden James’s first birthday and five days before the parents are due to face each other before a family court judge on Monday.

Son Sean Preston turned 2 on Friday.

Spears and Federline currently have 50-50 custody, but Federline was seeking more time, serving subpoenas on people in Spears’s inner-circle to show problems in her parenting skills.

Source: People Magazine

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