First Review Of Album Track "State Of Grace"

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Ignore all those terrible Britney Spears songs wafting around the internet because the new Britney album is going to be pretty good.

We know this because we’ve heard an actual song from the album, and we don’t mean ‘Gimme More’.

Here is all we have to you about it.

» It is called ‘State Of Grace’ which, as much as we love her, is not something we would ever credit Britney with knowing very much about. But not to worry.

» We would describe the track as ‘understated’ which, again, is something we would not usually credit Britney with ever being. But by understated we do not mean ‘half-arsed’. We mean ‘subtle and amazing’.

» There is a bit of an Eastern influence on the track, although less so than Hilary Duff’s ‘Stranger’, which is as good a reference point for songs that have an Indian influence as we could hope to offer.

» With a bit of rejigging it might have sounded a bit like ‘With Every Heartbeat’. As it stands, it doesn’t sound much like ‘With Every Heartbeat’ at all, but it’s not a million miles away.

» The main hook is simply “love is a state of grace between you and I-e-I-e-I-e-I-e-I-e-I-e-I-e-I-e-I-e-I-e-I-e-I-e-I-e-I-e-I”. Contrary to what you might have just read it doesn’t sound much like ‘Old MacDonald Had A Farm’.

» It is not quite a ballad but is quite floaty and very nice indeed.

» It sounds a lot like a Britney song despite sounding like no other Britney song ever recorded.

So there you go – a solid seven facts about a new Britney song.


For the record, “State Of Grace” is the first song we heard Britney playing in her car back in January. If you still haven’t heardthe clip, you can listen to it by clicking the read more link. This is my favourite track so far, I have been hoping since January that it would make the album and it looks like it has!

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  • daniel


    thanks for the article it was great, this song is ok but not as nice as others, im really looking forward for ”get back” to be released =)


  • filipe


    Yeah I’m waiting for this song too. I didn’t know it was “State Of Grace”. i thought it was called “Sacred” since this name has been on the internet since In The Zone and it seems like she says this at the end of this clip.


  • Danny


    ^ actually at the end of the clip she says “love is a state of grace” 😛


  • Stephen


    yeah she definitely says state of grace. but it seems like a really nice song. i like it. and i will be there when the CD comes out ! i can’t wait!!!


  • Icey


    Thanks for the info, I can’t wait to hear this new album. I love Gimme More! Did you mean Robyn – With Every Heartbeat? If so I LOVE that song, I also like Hilary Duff’s Stranger so this will be an interesting track. Thanks again for the info and I can’t wait to see what it sounds like!


  • MrBrodey


    thats my video off youtube im mrbrodey and thats not what its called its called britney forgets words i want my name displayed on this website or im removing it and u can look elsewere put for


    on there its my video grrr u mixed every thing upand clamed it as your own


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