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Britney Spears’s bad month just got worse: She has been charged with hit-and-run causing property damage and driving without a valid license, the Los Angeles City Attorney said Friday.

If convicted on both misdemanor charges, she faces up to a year in jail, City Attorney’s spokesman Frank Mateljan tells PEOPLE.

The charges stem from a fender-bender in a store parking lot on Aug. 6. Spears, 25, made a wide, right turn into a parking space and scraped another car’s bumper. (The incident was captured on video by celeb photo agency X17.)

“According to the DMV, Ms. Spears was never issued a California license – ever,” Mateljan says.

The other car’s owner filed a police report at a North Hollywood station.

Her arraignment is set for Oct. 10 in a Van Nuys, Calif., court.

Pasadena attorney Richard Hutton, best known for representing Paris Hilton in her probation-violation case earlier this year, says California residents must get a California driver’s license within their first 10 days as a resident.

Spears has been pulled over several times in recent years with being cited for the license violation. Hutton (who is not involved in the Spears case) says it’s possible officers were persuaded she maintains a residence in Louisiana and legitimately considers herself more a Louisiana resident than a California resident.

Overall, Hutton says, the charges are “minor stuff” and Spears could escape with a fine and probation.

The charges are just the latest headache for Spears, who earlier this week was ordered by a judge to undergo random drug tests. The judge in her custody fight with Kevin Federline found that she is a “habitual, frequent and continuous” user of alcohol and controlled substances, and now must submit to random twice-weekly testing.

Source: People Magazine

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  • mia


    If I were Britney and all these damn paparazzis are following my every move,with all the distractions and camera lights flashing like lighting, I would’ve ran over one of them instead of bumping into a parked car. It wasn’t even that big of a deal, it was a small tiny bump and here goes the media exaggerates with: “Britney’s CAR CRASH! to serve 6 months in Jail for Hit and RUN!” PPl who didn’t know the situation will believe immediately and say”Dang! What did she do now? She’s even in jail?”…Just like how she “almost” tripped when holding her baby…and the headlines say “Britney-BAD MOM-dropped her baby!”…when she didn’t even drop her baby!With all the distractions and paparazzis like worms crawling all over her, how do you expect her not to trip, fall , or bump into anything? She’s human like all of us, but gets judged so harshly by exaggerated’s so sad! Paparazzis bother and torment her by getting in the way until she does something wrong..then hands over the pictures to get paid…the media then picks out the worst picture and exaggerates it as horrible as possible to make it sound interesting..then they make money by selling the stories via TV or magazines…the haters read about this stuff and start getting on all the sites (even fan sites) and starts to bash on her and say negative comments when they don’t even know her. She is a VICTIM of mean people!! I don’t know how I can survive with all this going on…even if it’s true she is drinking or doing drugs..Who WOULDN’T if they were in her shoes?? I bet some would be worst…but even with all this happening…she is SO STRONG to even be performing or making good music…such as GIMME ME MORE is such a great song!! She’s UNBELIEVABLE!!


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