'Secret Witness' Sells Britney Out To A Tabloid *Updated*

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THE bodyguard of tormented Britney Spears today reveals the damning drugs evidence that may cost her her children.

Tony Barretto filed shattering, secret testimony at the hearing over custody of her two boys on Monday.

Here for the FIRST TIME he details his evidence and lays bare the FULL terrifying depths of the star’s addiction and its effects on her children.

His shocking account persuaded a worried judge to order Britney to be tested for drugs TWICE A WEEK. And here Barretto dramatically tells how the tormented singer:

OVERDOSED in a drug-strewn hotel room on a binge with junkie lover Howie Day just days after checking out of rehab. “She was in a terrible state, just sweating and shaking. Her pupils were huge—we thought she was dying,” said Tony;

SHOCKINGLY, he believes Britney was under the influence of drugs and booze at home while her two sons Sean, two, and year-old Jayden James, were there;

SECRETLY snorted cocaine over TWO NIGHTS with pals in a trendy LA nightclub.

Man mountain 6ft 7in Barretto, 27—nicknamed Fat Tony—told us: “I gave evidence to the court because Britney is out of control and needs help.

“I have done this for her children. She’s not a good mother. She has mental problems. With her drug and booze issues, her home is no place for kids to be raised.”

His last-minute evidence capped a nightmare week for Britney in which she was dumped by her manager Jeff Kwatinetz and her lawyer.

She hired married dad-of-two Tony—a former private eye—days after checking out of the Promises rehab centre in Malibu on March 26 and publicly declaring she had beaten booze and drug problems.

Tony is a drugs expert after taking a ten-week police course about their dangers. He realised Britney’s willpower had not lasted—on the frightening night of May 2 in Los Angeles, just hours before the start of her comeback tour in Anaheim.

She went on a date with musician Day, 26—who she’d met in rehab—telling her worried protection team she didn’t need them. Tony said: “We did security checks on Howie and told her he was trouble. But she ignored us.”

Hours later hysterical Britney, 25, called aides, claiming Day was refusing to let her leave their hotel room. Tony recalled: “She said she wanted to cancel the tour. She was very confused. We asked her if she was OK and reminded her she had a show to do. Then Howie came on the phone and started arguing with us. We knew we had to get to her fast.”

Tony raced to LA’s plush Mondrian Hotel with another bodyguard and Britney’s best friend and PA Alli Sims. When they got to their room they found the door open and an appalling scene inside.

Tony said: “We could see Britney all red-eyed from crying. Howie was lying in his boxers asleep on the bed. The hotel room was trashed.

“There were half-eaten plates of food everywhere. There were blankets all over the floor, clothes strewn everywhere. The trash was emptied everywhere over the floor.

“The entire place was littered with empty beer bottles and liquor bottles, small glasses of ice and cigarette butts everywhere.

“On the surface of the dresser, I could see mounds of white powder and a straw on top. I suspected it was cocaine or powdered methamphetamines.

“By the side I spotted a glass pipe, which I knew from my drugs training was often used with crystal meth.”

The drug has similar effects to amphetamine and ecstasy. Overdosing can cause heart failure.

Tony went on: “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Britney was completely out of it. We thought she’d overdosed. She was distraught, crying. Her skin was all waxy. She looked so ill. We tried to speak to her. My fellow bodyguard and Alli were so worried they wanted to get hold of a medic to detoxify her. We were panicking. We thought she was going to die.

“There was talk about where to put the detox line it was that serious—through her arm, which would make fans think she’d been injecting, or through her neck.

“It was very distressing. Eventually we decided to get her out of there. We grabbed her and took her downstairs. All the time all she could say was, ‘I don’t feel good’.

“In the car she was really odd. She kept asking for the air con to be turned up because she was sweating so much. I knew that was a bad sign.

“Somehow, we managed to get her to the gig and on stage in time. When she started singing she was staring intensely at me. She was out of it. I kept telling the other guard she needed help but he said she’ll get you if that’s the case.”

“Critics later panned her performance for lip-synching to her biggest hits. Tony said: “On the way home, she was making up strange songs and singing them in a weird voice.

“Then she wound down the window and started yelling, ‘I’m a rock star. I’m a rock star’.”

It wasn’t the only time Tony witnessed Britney with drugs. “I saw her snort white powder on two nights out at Teddy’s nightclub in LA,” he said. “The first time, she was in a private booth. She was sat with another girl.

“The second time she had asked me to walk her to the rest room. After she’d been inside for about half an hour I poked my head round the door. There she was with a straw up her nose.”

Most disturbing for dad-of-two Tony was her still being hung over by booze and drugs at home with the kids close by. “There were times when Britney appeared to be under the influence near them,” he said. “It was frightening.

“She has a whiskey stash in her pantry—and even if the children are close by, that doesn’t stop her drinking. After rehab she didn’t want people to see her boozing. So in clubs she’d have Jack Daniel’s and coke in polystyrene cups so it would look like coffee.”

Tony added: “I noticed that when she was under the influence of drugs at home, she behaved the same way as she’d done on drugs at the club.

To read the rest of this shocking article, click the read more link.

“I was worried about the children due to her erratic behaviour. She wouldn’t talk to them at all and she would be in her own world.

“I remember being in the hallway, and she was at the other end looking completely out of it.

“She would be nervously chewing her fingernails and babbling away. We’d have to look after the kids while she went through her strange behaviour.

“I know enough about drugs to know she was not being the normal Britney.”

Tony’s fears led to him making his 11th hour deposition at this week’s custody hearing. His US attorney Gloria Allred described his evidence as “highly explosive”.

It c   ould spell the end of Britney’s hopes of gaining custody of her children from ex-husband Federline.

The LA court judge was so appalled by it that, on top of the weekly drug tests, he ordered Britney to do eight-hour weekly sessions with a parenting coach.

Tony said: “I hope this will be wake-up call to her. I like Britney. All I want is for her to be a success and a good mum.”

He also told how she kept Jayden James and Sean Preston up late so they would sleep through the mornings and not wake her.

If they woke early, a member of staff dealt with them.

Tony said: “Britney does love her kids but she is a fickle mum. When the kids are happy, she’s happy. When they’re crying or unwell, she’s not sure what to do.

“She speaks to them in weird, creepy, baby voices, in made-up languages, which they just don’t get. All it does is unsettle, upset and scare them. Often she would scream and cry uncontrollably. Imagine what that is like for young children.”

Tony said he never saw her feed the boys. He added: “When they are unwell, her answer is: ‘Give the baby a bottle of medicine.’ I’ve never seen her deal with them like a full, attentive mum.”

Tony knew he had to take action when Britney nearly wrote off her car with the kids inside. He said: “We followed her but she was driving like a lunatic on the wrong side of the road. It was terrifying.”

On Friday Britney was charged with hit-and-run and driving without a licence after allegedly crashing into a parked car in a separate incident. She could face up to six months in jail.

He has witnessed first hand how the once fresh-faced pop pin-up has degenerated into a disturbed, bloated and directionless diva.

Tony reveals the washed-up star, who still makes a staggering £371,000 A MONTH, spends her time either in bed, in a tanning salon or shopping for junk.

And he branded her behaviour as bordering on schizophrenic.

Tony, who was sacked by the volatile star in May after he failed to pick up a hat she dropped, said: “She was in a different world most of the time. I don’t think she even knew my name because she only ever called me ‘baby’ or ‘honey’.”

But whatever the boozed-up star wanted, he had to do it —even letting her rub her BREASTS on his BOTTOM.

Tony recalled: “We were at a party in Teddy’s club in LA one night and I was standing by the dancefloor keeping an eye on the people around her.

“All of a sudden she came up behind me and started rubbing herself on me. She rubbed her breasts on me and ran her hands provocatively up and down my back.


“I turned around, and she then smiled at me. Over my earpiece, the other bodyguard told me, ‘Dance with her’. I replied, ‘Are you kidding?’ He just snapped back, ‘She wants you to dance’.

“So I found myself dancing away with her. She was in a skimpy dress, bumping and grinding into me.

“At one point, she spun round and pushed her bottom into my groin. It was very embarrassing because she doesn’t wear knickers.

“But the weird thing is she does buy knickers because I’ve seen her. So I don’t know what she does with them.”

Tony also revealed how her depression over her split from Federline drove her close to emotional breakdown and suicide. He said: “I arrived at Britney’s home one day to find the most horrible atmosphere. She was screaming and sobbing in her room—and what made us all even more nervous was that she had sent her nanny home and told her PA Alli to pack her bags.”As Alli was leaving, she told us, ‘She’s told me to leave. It’s in your hands now. Look after the kids’.

“I remember the other bodyguard told me, ‘Britney’s shutting down. I’ve seen her acting suicidal before. It was just before she shaved all her hair off.

“He also told me to keep an eye on the kids and, whatever happened, not to let them near the swimming pool. It was about 2pm. All I could do was keep checking on the pool.

“All sorts of things were going through my mind. One of those was to quit my job. It was all getting too much. I was genuinely scared she would hurt herself.” Her bizarre behaviour worried him. He said: “As well as talking in strange voices to the children Britney would talk in strange made-up languages to me too.

“And the expression in her face was always deadly serious. One time I found her out by the trash. She was mumbling and talking a whole made-up language.


“I couldn’t understand a word of it. It was like something from a different language, like she was trying to be someone else. It was quite scary. She was very confused.”

Tony said she clearly regretted shaving her head. “I remember seeing her without her wig on once and it was a shock—although she still looked attractive,” he said.

“But she’d have outbursts of crying over it. Once I saw her standing by the sink, shaking, sobbing.

“She was in shorts and a skimpy shirt with no wig on, extremely upset.

“You could see the tears running down her face. I asked, ‘Are you okay, Britney?’ She nodded, and turned away from making any more eye contact with me. She looked so lost.”

He was also shocked by her strange daily rituals.

Tony revealed: “After getting up at lunchtime and drinking her Starbucks coffee, she goes to a tanning shop in Bel Air, where she spends ten minutes on a UV bed every day. After that she usually eats sushi for lunch or bowls of Special K.

“We were always having to go out to get her Special K.

“And she downs can after can of Red Bull or cola. She drinks three Red Bulls an hour. That completes her daily routine.”

One of Tony’s other duties involved vetting Britney’s mail.

He said: “I was pretty shocked to discover the number of stalkers she has.

“She would get two letters a day from stalkers—and some of them were way out there.

“She attracts some pretty sick types. What she needs more than anything is her family round her. I never ever met or saw her mother or sister Jamie Lynn because she had fallen out with them.

“She never mentioned their names ever.

“But when I first started work, one of the most important directives I was given was, ‘My dad is NOT to be on this property’. That was made very clear.”

Yet the sad star, who forged a showbiz friendship with bad girl Paris Hilton, is desperate for new friends.

Tony revealed: “She keeps an album called her My New Friends Photo Album.

“It has a special ornate cover and she is constantly updating it. The funny thing is I’m told I am still on the front page of that book even though she sacked me.” Britney was also obsessive about her clothes. Her bodyguards had to take pictures of her in what she was wearing EVERY day.

“She seemed to want to capture every outfit she wore,” said Tony. “She loves dressing up in weird wigs and outfits.


“Every day she’d ask us all what we thought about what she was wearing. It really mattered to her.

“She’d say, ‘Do you think I look nice, y’all?’ We’d all tell her ‘yes’—because we didn’t want to risk putting our jobs on the line.

“Or being on the end of her temper.”

Mobile phones didn’t last long in the star’s hands. “In eight weeks, I saw her get through SIX expensive cellphones,” said Tony.

“She’d smash them up or throw them out of the window during phone fights with Kevin Federline.”

One thing Britney hated was getting too close to her fans.

“She loved shopping and not just in the classy shops.

“She’d often have us arrange for RiteAid (the US equivalent of Superdrug) to be closed down so she could shop without anyone bothering her.

“Britney absolutely hates anyone touching her—even her bodyguards when we are leading her to safety.”

But she really hates fans touching her, asking her for autographs and pictures. Tony said: “If that happens, there is the potential for us ALL to have a bad day because it puts her in such a bad mood.”

Tony was devastated at his abrupt firing back in May. Britney dropped her hat and ordered him to pick it up.

As the star was already aware, Tony was born with a hearing problem.

She had to ask him three times before he heard and picked it up.

“I was made to go and stay in the car like a dog. That’s how she treated me. I was told she ‘didn’t want to see my face’.

“I felt hurt and embarrassed. One of the other bodyguards tried to smooth things over and sent her a text reminding Britney about my hearing problem.

“The response was so cold and unsympathetic, it shocked me. It said, ‘I forgot. But I can’t deal with it’.


“When I got back to the house I was barred from entering, and all my items were brought out to me. That’s how it ended.

“I would have laid down my life for Britney and her kids. You would have thought she would have had more respect for me.”

BRITNEY’S minders were given £3,000 A DAY in cash to finance her out-of-control shopping.

Tony said: “She thought nothing of spending money even though she couldn’t be trusted to carry her own credit card or cash.

“She wasn’t responsible enough for that. The other bodyguard and I would have to carry the cash which was delivered to us daily in a white money bag to pay for whatever she wanted to buy.”

The only time she was happy was when she was shopping. Tony added: “She could certainly spend money—even in junk shops. In one, she spent £4,000 on stuff including an old chandelier.

“I spent 45 minutes putting up the thing for her and then it didn’t work. Britney’s response was, ‘Get rid of it’.


“Money was no object because she didn’t know the value of it.

“I remember she decided to go to Puerto Rico on a whim. We found a private jet she could hire.

“It cost £30,000. But then just before she was due to go, she changed her mind.

“When we told her that there was a £20,000 cancellation fee because it was such short notice, her attitude was ‘doesn’t matter, don’t care’.

“We were given up to £3,000 a day—but Britney couldn’t be trusted to look after it herself.”

As well as the money, Tony would also have to drip-feed Britney the 100 Marlboro Lights that she chain-smoked through her empty days.

Tony added: “She employs four bodyguards but we were all at her beck and call like servants and asked to do things we weren’t supposed to do.”

WORRIED Tony also revealed how Britney likes to parade NAKED in front of her kids—and EVERYONE who works for her.

The bodyguard fears the frequent public strip-shows are a sign of “borderline mental behaviour”.

He said: “It’s the strangest thing, she likes to expose herself. I think part of it is she likes to embarrass people and make them feel uneasy.

“Before I even started working for her, I was warned about her stripping.

“I must have seen her naked dozens of times and each time I’ve been extremely embarrassed.

“She strips off anywhere—at home, recording studios and clubs.

“Even at the dance rehearsals, she took all her clothes off in front of me and then bent over, not even to pick anything up. I felt my ears burning and turned my head to the wall.

“Another time, she came running to the guardroom. All she had on was a pair of skimpy shorts. One hand was covering one breast but the other was exposed. I didn’t know where to look.

“I’ve never told anyone about this before. I never even pulled Britney up about it. I was scared she’d fire me.”

Tony also told how Britney loved to get naked in swimming pools.

In July she cavorted with a student she had only just met, Mike Encinias, in the pool at her hotel.

And Tony said she regularly stripped off when she was with girl pals in the hot tub at her Beverly Hills mansion.

In recent months she has snogged women in public and been accused of bedding her PA Shannon Funk.

Tony said: “Britney and her friend Alli went out a lot of the time but never brought back any men. I found it odd how two good-looking, wealthy women could never attract nice men.

“Girls would come back to the house and they’d all get into the Jacuzzi. Britney would strip off and there’d be loads of screaming and noise.

“Howie stayed over a couple of times. We both wore firearms when he was around the house. We didn’t tell Britney—she would’ve freaked.”

BRITNEY made dozens of bizarre hygiene demands on her workers—while she burped and farted in front of them.

The “demeaning” staff rules were spelt out to Tony on his first day.

He said: “I was told: ‘Don’t stink around Britney. Make sure you use cologne and deodorant.

Don’t sweat in her presence—so, as a big guy, I was constantly having to wash my face when I was around her.

“Make sure you’ve cut your nails. Use mints so she can’t be disgusted by your breath.

Don’t stare at her. Act coy when she walks around naked. Don’t look at her bottom when she is getting in and out of a vehicle.

Don’t eat in front of her. Her standards were extreme.”But Britney— who once made a bodyguard wash a laundry load of bras—was not the most pleasant person to be around.

Tony said: “She has a terrible farting and burping problem. She burps and farts A LOT.”

And Tony revealed that Britney expected TWO cups of Starbucks coffee each day when she got up between 1pm and 2pm.

“She would want either ‘The Hot One’—a grande vanilla latte—or ‘The Cold One’—a grande mocha frappe.

“She would only ever have one but I always had to fetch her both. It was such a waste.”

Tony, who gave a declaration to court during Britney’s recent custody hearing with Kevin Federline, told the News of the World: “I’ve been concerned about her erratic behaviour from day one.

“I couldn’t stand by and let the kids stay around her any longer.

“She has mental problems, and they are not helped by her taking drugs and alcohol.

“Her children need attention, and Britney doesn’t appear to be willing to give them that at the moment.

“She can’t cope with being a mother, as she has such a low boredom threshold.

“With her drug and booze issues, her home is no place for children to be raised.

“I gave a declaration to the court as I felt someone had to do something for the sake of the children.

“I am a dad and what I saw shocked me so much that it has forced me to take this measure.

“At one stage I was going to speak to child protection services, but I was worried they wouldn’t take my case as I was questioning a multi-millionairess.

“So when the custody case came to court, I contacted the judge to assist in the case.

“I don’t support either party-but I do want the judge to make the right decision.

“Britney needs to take hold of her life again and realise that her children are much more important than partying and dangerous pastimes.


Describing the night of Britney’s terrifying overdose at the Mondrian Hotel, Tony added: “We were desperately concerned about her mental and physical welfare. She was acting very nervously and biting her acrylic nails down to the base.

“She was deeply upset and appeared distraught, with tears in her eyes. I’ve never seen her so bad.

“While all this was going on she could only say: ‘I don’t feel good’ .

“All sorts of people went in there to see her, and somehow that night she managed to get on stage. But she was not herself, her eyes were still huge and she was out of it.

“The next day me and the other guard talked about her overdose , he replied: ‘Yeah thank God-we made it.’ We never spoke about it again. ”


Describing Britney’s alcohol abuse, Tony continued: “Whenever she drinks, she turns into a party animal.

“Once she made me take a Jack and Coke to her as she sat in her white Mercedes – and then she sped off with it. In the US, that’s illegal.

“In the end, whenever she’d ask us to fix her a drink, we’d trick her by filling the cups with coke and adding a dash of bourbon on top to make it seem stronger than it actually was.

“All of a sudden, we weren’t bodyguards anymore. We’d turned into babysitters!

“We had to cut back on her booze because it was easier for us.

“Once at the club, the Borat comedian Sacha Baron Cohen was there. His party was actually seated in the nearby booth, and wanted to meet Britney. But just snubbed him. She wasn’t interested, all she cared about was dancing and partying with her friend.

“It was so embarrassing because they were seated so close to us.”

K Fed

Tony says K-Fed never visited Britney during his time alongside her.

Tony said: “They would just have massive rows on the phone all the time.

“She would scream at him, and it would deeply distress her.

“I saw her through her mobile out of her car during one of their shouting matches.

“I never saw mum and dad together with their kids.”

Source: News Of The World

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    this is so upsetting to read, i really hope she does find help and gets back to being the britney we all know and love! xxxx


  • shayne


    this shit just want money from Brit`!he is a disgusting liar`!


  • Kharl


    He just wants money and fame.. Let me guess hes gonna publish a tell all book next? .ugh,. Poor britney leave the girl alone


  • Margo


    You know people the greatest fool of all is the one who fools himself.Open up your eyes see the truth finally.


  • Clifton


    This guy sounds full of it. Probably some disgruntled employee payed off by Kevin to splash all this bullshit everywhere. And considering he was probably paid off with money Kevin got from Britney which makes this even more messed up. It’s like Britney is paying this guy to screw her over. And don’t call me a fool because I’m not willing to believe everything I hear so blindly. With all of the bullshit that gets tossed around I’m doubtful about everything until it’s confirmed by a reliable source. Even the good stuff. The real fool is the person who immediately believes every little thing that gets said in a magazine, website, or by some douchebag ex-employee or boyfriend and doesn’t give it a second thought.


  • Clifton


    But true or not she does need to get some help and I really hope she does. And I believe she eventually will. Which will be good for her, her kids, her family, and many others.


  • Mario


    I am so sead about all this… It is so bed to see that she is not smiling anymore… You know, she had so beautiful smile… I adore taht smile… Smile again britney, because thay can hurt you, but you are still what yoy are – a pop princes, a mother of two beautuful boys and a great, so normal and not-like-other-stars human bean… Love you, get well


  • Trendi


    This so called bodyguard claims he cares about her…but goes and sells her out to the tabloid. He made ALOT of money on this interview. Some stuff might be true, but he probably told the story in the worst and most disgusting way possible to make the story more interesting. Obviously you can tell K-Fed caused alot of stress and HURT for Britney. Even if she did do drugs or drank alcohol…it is because something or someone caused her so much pain that it’s her way to get away from it all…and the more she does it, the worst it gets. It’s the drugs and alcohol that’s taking over her…her real personality is very nice and sweet. Also sounds like everyone around her is leaving her at a time she needs help the most..if it was me, I will take even more drugs because the PAIN is SOO HARSH!! All the ppl working for her only seems to want to keep their job for the money..if you are a thoughtful person, you would try to seek help instead of saying, “Well I just wanted to keep my job.” She obviously need a TRUE Friend or someone VERY LOVING to hold her hand and say let’s do this together. I will try to help you go through this. It will get better. If she yells and says, “Leave me alone!”…It’s because the drugs is taking over her…but she really means”I feel really lonely..does anyone care about me?” Can someone close to her please be true to her and step in to help? She needs love and understanding…that is the start to helping her out…once she regains trust from someone who TRULY cares about her, then the next step will take place…and slowly she will be BETTER! Britney please stay strong!! If I was one of your friend, I will say let’s not go clubbing to drink..but take you up the mountain so you can scream it all out! If I was your friend, I will accompany you to see a psychiatrist, if you don’t feel ready…I can take you for a drive or go to the beach and just listen to the ocean…I will stay up all night just to listen to you and let you vent about your problems. Please be strong! Your true friends will be with you until you get better…Ignore the rest that only likes you during your good times and now leaving you or leaving negative comments during your bad times. I truly believe whether the things you do are good or bad….someone or something HURTFULLY caused it to you. True fans will understand what you’re going through and will pray that you will find help and get better soon.


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    If you ask me, all of this sounds SOOOOOOOOOOOO FAKE AND FULL OF SHIT!!! Just the choice of words used sounds fake. I don’t think we use the term “knickers” in America to say underwear. Also, if Brit was really stoned b4 her first HOB concert, she would not have been on stage doin her thang! Just go back and look at the footage.


  • Mike


    I know this can’t all be true. Obviously, if the judge ordered her to drug testing there must be some sort of problem, but I’m sure not to this extent. It’s disgusting what people will do for money. The real reason this guy took so long to come forward was because it took him all this time to come up with this junk. He came out now because with the custody case going on it would seem more true. But Britney is obviously not this troubled. Especially the drug binge with Howie, if she really was so bad SOMEONE would’ve somehow gotten some footage, maybe a photographer while she left the hotel or another hotel guest. Especially if the door was open someone would’ve said “Omigosh it’s Britney Spears on drugs I can take pictures and sell them to tabloids”. There’s definitely some continuity issues here. But overall I know it’s all going to work out for Britney and her family, eventually.


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    and plus, if she was so strict about people touching her and all that garbage, how did they get the picture at the top of the article!?!? Evidence that this guy definitely did lots of fabricating.


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    So he is saying that Britney was all drugged up and trashed before one of her shows right and he had to carry her down to the car to get her to the show. Yeah right if she was completely out of it as he said and there was all these empty bottles around there would no way in the world that she could have performed within the same day. This is total and complete bullshit. I can’t believe people are really believing this dirty money hungry mans lies. Whatever the REAL truth will eventually come out.


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    I’ve loved Britney Spears Since the beginning and I hate to hear the bad news… but I can believe it… IT SUCKS THAT SHE iS DOING THIS TO HERSELF, and her kids, she has so much to give,i know she is a smart girl, and I hope that someday she will fix what SHE has made wrong and do the things she wants for herself and no one else. Because in the end, all she has is herself.



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    That stupid bodyguard is son of the bitch ….
    It’s all just his imagination……….


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  • Marius


    Theres a video of him saying this … he was basically reading of a piece of paper and he used the word mobile phone a couple of times which is weird since Americans say cellphone instead of mobile phone. Britney is having a hard time, she might be using something but it seems they are blowing all of this way out of proportion.


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    I´m a gym trainer in Argentina and I know people a lot and I saw and see what it means drugs but his speech it´s totally untrue please the next time put somebody that teach you much better and leave BRIT I know that she´ll be back and with the strong that I know that´s inside of her


  • ali


    he is deaf on one ear?? i mean, come on. as a bodyguard he has this headset in one ear and with the other one he has to still listen. so how can he be deaf on one ear and get this job and protect a huge celebrity like britney. its so unbelievable to me. also the stories he tells.

    i mean even justin timerLAND said in the oprah interview a week ago that britney is a nice person even though they splitted. so many people say she is a good person. i think she enjoys partying and probably drinks too much from time to time. and yeah she likes revealing clothes. but i mean, for some people partying is a good way to relax and revealing clothes or running around naked in your own house is not a crime! its just the point of view of the bodyguard. if he is a very religious man then of course her behavious seems >dangerous


  • Sacha


    No matter if you want to believe if this is true or not….that is not the point here.. the main point is Wake up Britney, you need help. If she wasn’t able to mentally take care of kids why have them. She is the only one that controls her life no one else. If she wanted to be strong she would be, but she is given up. NO one can help you but your self. She needs to look within and find the real reason and correct it. She has to let go and be a mom to her kids that love her the most. She can find happiness if she would only look. Hopefully we can see her overcome this. Everyone, everyday encounters things we couldn’t imagine but what kills you can only make you stronger…….NONE OF US KNOW BRITNEY NONE OF US KNOW THE TRUTH PLEASE DON’T PRETEND YOU DO…just hope for better news


  • ??????????


    Fake or not who cares. She need help and needs to be left alone. She is only a person. What would any of us do if we were in her position. I am not saying we would all do drugs and act like a crazy person, but if any of you had all this money and could have anything in the world you wanted. Wouldnt you have your starbucks in the morning. I am just saying this mess is getting out of hand. I know that there is billions of dollars in Paparazzi photos and getting the next big Britney story but is any of it helping the situation. They all say that she needs help. Well why dont they help her and stop running the stories. The world loves Britney they always have and probly always will. But does the world need to know this much about anyones life. We should all worry about our own problems i am sure we all have them.

    Last thing i am gonna say is that i have a feeling this mess is getting out of hand and that something needs to be done about paparazzi. I know it wont fix britneys problems but it could easy some of the pains of every star. What if every embarassing thing you have ever done was out there for the world to see.


  • Britluv


    If this Tony claims are all true, why wait 3-4 months to come out whereby 3 lives are at stake? Medication or drugs, can he really differentiate?
    From his testimony, you can also deduce the following:-
    1. He has very little work experience or rather he never work with people of high profile. Even CEO in companies can be very demanding and hard to please and basically, this guy is not up to his job!
    2. At that time, when he was hired, Britney definitely was having a hard time with Kfed, who may be harassing her (pertaining to the phone calls he mentioned)
    3. This also sum up that no family members actually assisted her in her post rehab. Should they care how are her kids now?
    4. Every woman loves shopping, even if it’s just window-shopping. Is that a problem? Why can’t she spent the money that she earned? If there is no more money, I don’t suppose there will be any interest in her kids!
    5. In America, is seeing a woman nude of any concern that he claimed he felt embarrassed whereby playboy magazine are everywhere ?

    Mr Kfed only cares for the kids because ultimately there is an incentive for him, that is the $$$. Without all this childcare and spousal support, will he still fight for the primary custody including his lawyer who is waiting for the 6-figure pay?

    Why not the judge award Britney the incentive like giving her the full custody if she is certify drug-free or award Mr Kfed the primary custody without any childcare and spousal support and see how this goes? Interestly, a very different personality may emerge…..


  • Mia


    This bodyguard is CREEPY! K-Fed is paying him w/Brit’s money to do this to ruin her reputation and hopefully use it against her to win the custody…so both can have more money!! This bodyguard already went on his second interview and that’s another chunk of money! There are tons of articles about him all around the world, but there are very minimal articles about the staffs who spoke out on behalf of Britney such as the article below:
    Tony’s only ever seen Britney eight times – after working with her for a short time, he was fired for being lazy, inefficient, and slow. Our source says neither Britney or the other bodyguards were happy with him because he used to speak badly about other people, including other celebs he claimed to know.

    Our source says Tony sent a letter to Britney after being fired, begging for his job back; he send subsequent letters accusing other members of Britney’ security team of various things; and then finally, correspondence stating that he witness lots of questionable activity during the time he worked for Britney and that he would go public with it unless …

    Apparently Tony deliberately dodged signing a non-disclosure agreement (required of all Brit’s employees) for weeks after he was hired but did finally sign it, according to our source.

    Our source questions why, if Tony were truly concerned with the well-being of Britney’s children and honestly thought Brit were a danger to her kids, he would have waiting 5 months to tell anyone about what he says he witnessed? And why, once he came out, he’d sell his story if he’s doing it for such altruistic reasons?
    Anyways, the media only publishes ALL the bad articles or stories about Britney…but articles that defends her are hardly ever published. I can’t believe I just saw the interview earlier and they had a discussion afterwards with an attorney to see what her thoughts were…and guess who the attorney is?? The bodyguard’s attorney!!—of course she’s gonna side w/ him and make Britney look bad! That’s so unfair…everything seems to happen so unfavorably against Britney………I don’t know how can she stand all this…mayb everyone thinks she’s really weak right now…but I am amazed at how STRONG she is to be putting up w/ all this bullcrap! If she can survive through this nightmare and continue to make good music…She will be the MOST ADMIRABLE WOMAN IN THE WORLD!!!


  • Canwen


    Britney’s Gimme More is getting lower and lower spins….
    Being her superfans, all of us should keep on requesting this song at different radio stations everyday in order to push this song back to the top of the charts…


  • ndsmall


    although we do not know what goes on behind closed doors, these people may or may not be telling the truth, but im sure they know more than we ever will. as much as we all want to see britney come back strong, she needs help and time to really figure out her priorities. having said that, i think that without family you can really lose yourself and who you truely are. they afterall are the ones who keep you well grounded and believed in you from the very beginning. the kids need the entire familys love (dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc…). being in the spotlight so much like her is so demanding. she will unfortunatly never be able to do or go anywhere like a normal human. i cant wait for her new album, but more so just for her sake i want her to be healthy and to really enjoy her life with her kids. as a mother i could never imagine not being able to take my child to the park or take them to get ice cream. the simplest things in life that she cannot enjoy. my heart goes out to her. i do love britney and wish her the very best. just my opinion…


  • sara


    She needs to get rite
    she needs help
    and somebody needs to take those kids
    think of the children u pathetic drunk..go baq to rehab nd makeup wit your mom.


  • Tia


    britney willget thru it …leave her alone


  • slotmaskiner


    nice article


  • Fer.Sure... :]


    Good for Tony! He was being a good friend and bodyguard. So what if he made her go back! He was just trying to help the kids be in a better environment for living. Yeah, it wasn’t nice. Well so what! You have the do the right thing even if it isn’t nice. Yeah. I’m on his side. If you have something to say, go ahead! It’s a fricken debate article! If you don’t agree, good.


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