Details Of Britney's Weekend Trip To Atlanta

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Sporting dark brown hair and eyeglasses, Britney Spears breezed through some shopping in an upscale Atlanta mall over the weekend.

“Unless you actually spoke to her for a minute, you wouldn’t have recognized her,” Juicy Couture assistant manager Jake Barnaby told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Monday. Spears, 25, reportedly told Barnaby that she was in Atlanta to escape stress and the paparazzi and to relax.

“She was very well put together and she was really quiet,” Barnaby told the paper. “The people with her were actually causing more commotion. After a while, it was like, ‘Oh, please. You’re nobody. Stop.’ ”

One saleswoman told PEOPLE, “She seemed in good spirits and was very sweet and complimentary to everyone.”

“She was looking for something to wear that night and spent way less than $1,000,” the woman added. “Really, she was just in a rush, trying to get in and out. She was done in about 20 minutes.”

Spears ended up purchasing a purple dog carrier, a brown eyelet bikini from the sale rack and a shirt or two, the saleswoman said.

Before heading to Georgia, Spears was charged Friday with hit-and-run causing property damage and driving without a valid license, said the Los Angeles City Attorney.

Source: People Magazine

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