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Britney's VMA Performance Annulled From MTV

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Britney Spears VMA Performance Removed from MTV Repeats and Online

MTV has been forced to remove the Britney Spears’ ‘Gimme More’ performance from the 2007 VMA’s last night from all repeats and online.

The performance has been pulled indefinitely from all MTV properties worldwide until further notice.

This performance was the subject of much discussion and negative feedback from all over the web and blogosphere.

For a glimpse of Britney’s performance, take a look at our extensive gallery of photos, and watch the best moments from the 2007 VMA’s.

Source: MTV

Sarah Silverman's Comments About Britney Last Night

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This is what the hostess of the VMAs said after Britney’s performance; it is reportedly the reason why Britney was so shaky during her performance:

“This is so exciting, wasn’t that incredible? Miss Britney Spears everyone. She is amazing, I mean she is 25 years old and has already accomplished everything she is going to accomplish in her life. It’s mind blowing, and she’s so grown up. She’s a mother, you know it’s crazy to think that just a few years ago on this very show she was this like sweet innocent little girl in slutty clothes riding around with a python. Thats not nice calling Madonna a python. But have you seen Britney’s kids? Oh my god. They are the most adorable mistakes you have ever seen. They are so cute. There as cute as the hairless vagina they came out of. “

What a bitch.

Britney Causes More Controversy…

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After Britney’s VMA ‘fiasco’ last night (I actually think the performance was really good now), Britney was heading back to her hotel with her brother Bryan.

Unfortunately, the paparazzi managed to get one of of their …err, unflattering pictures of Britney again, by getting on the floor and managing to get a view up her skirt! Of course, Britney wasn’t wearing underwear… it’s like November 2006 all over again!

If you are curious, you can see the picture by clicking the Read More link below!

Britney 'Embarrassed' After Her Performance

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Some blame the outfit. Others point a finger at Sarah Silverman. Still others question MTV’s judgment in the first place to open the show with Britney Spears.

But whatever the reason, the pop star’s lackluster performance of her new single “Gimme More” is getting universally bashed the day after her supposed “comeback” in a sparkly black bikini and blonde weave on Sunday’s Video Music Awards.

“Britney was supposed to wear a matching corset that she opted out of wearing at the last minute,” a source tells PEOPLE. “She was just plain nervous because of all the hype and she’s embarrassed.”

Adds another, “She looked disappointed” backstage after the performance.

In addition to the barbed comments (everyone from Whoopi Goldberg to The New York Times piled on), conspiracy theories abounded as to why Spears appeared out of it and uninspired.

On a celeb blog, Oh No They Didn’t, a reader posted supposed photo evidence that Britney was wobbling on a broken stiletto heel during her performance.

The women on The View expressed sadness over what they considered a pop star disaster. “So sad,” said both Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, though Behar, added, “She’s a good role model in that she comes out and shows she’s not skinny anymore.”

“The lip-synching didn’t work,” said Barbara Walters. “She looks like she doesn’t care,” said Goldberg. “This is like a bad stripper.” View guest Dr. Phil even said he watched the show and thought he’d “bought tickets to a train wreck.”

If nothing else, Spears can take comfort in the words of rocker Pete Wentz – whose own VMA performance also underwhelmed some.

“Your fans are the most forgiving people on the planet. If you come out with something hot and awesome, they’ll forget about it easily,” Wentz told PEOPLE. “Like David Bowie would make 40 wrong turns and then come out with something so sweet that people would go forget about it.”

Source: People Magazine

Celebs & Fans Comment On The VMA Performance

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As soon as the pop star stepped out in her sequined bikini and mouthed the words “It”s Britney, bitch,” viewers were buzzing about the “comeback,” Sarah Silverman”s risky jokes, Chris Brown”s sweet moves and more.

The reaction to Brit”s performance was overwhelmingly negative. “That was a comeback?” asked Melissa, 30, from Richmond, Virginia. “She didn”t seem to know where she was at. I think she needed a lot more rehearsal and a lot more talent.”

Many longtime fans of Spears were left disappointed. “I wish that it was Britney five years ago on that stage,” wrote Laurice, 24, of Nashville.

And others, such as Tara from Exeter, New Hampshire, offered sympathy for the troubled star: “Brit, you did great. We all need to get off this girl”s back and let her live. Brit, you stand true to yourself, and it will all work out. It is going to be a long road, but you have already taken some of the hardest steps. I admire you, hon.”

Sara, 19, from Oakfield, New York, said: “I think it”s time for Britney to give up performing for a while and take care of her children and herself. Rethink your coming back, Britney!”

Fans weren”t the only ones who were mixed on Spears” VMA performance. Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger tried to be encouraging but was reserved with her applause, saying, “It”s hard because being an artist like myself, I don”t like it when I”m not in front of the house and I can”t hear the monitors properly. … I dunno, it was cool, I was just sending her good vibes the whole time.”

50 Cent called Brit”s performance a “highlight,” saying, “I told you outside, she was gonna be the hottest thing, and she did it, she worked it out. Yeah, she had a big production, things started coming out of the sky.” But then he changed the subject to another performer: “Chris brown was hot too, he jumped from table to table.”

Common wasn”t so kind with what he had to say about the performance. “It felt like her heart wasn”t in it. It didn”t feel like she was really goin” for it. It just felt like she was there, man,” he added. “There”s so much talk about her personal life, you wanna see her come out on top. She eventually still can. But that performance, I don”t think it was what we were lookin” for … to light it up.”

Viewers reserved a few barbs for comedian Sarah Silverman”s opening monologue. “Sarah Silverman”s comments about Britney and her children were 100 percent uncalled for,” said Kimberly, 30, from Portland, Texas. “If she wanted to make a joke about Britney, fine. But leave those babies alone!”

“Who was laughing at anything Sarah Silverman said?” asked Angela, 29, from Orlinda, Tennessee. “I really think she crossed the line.”

Source: MTV

Britney Upset During VMA Performance?

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britney_vmaupset.jpgAfter Britney’s performance last night, ‘comedienne’ Sarah Silverman insulted Britney by saying she had ‘accomplished everything she was ever going to’, and also made fun of her kids by calling them mistakes.

Apparently, Britney overheard her rehearsing her comments backstage and told MTV she wouldn’t perform if they let her say them. MTV agreed and told Silverman not to use her monologue, but she defied them and did it anyway.

Britney was also reportedly found crying to her assistant Alli Sims in the bathroom after she got off stage.

Seriously, after watching the performance again in HQ, I like it! Sure, it wasn’t spectacular, but if it was any other artist doing that performance I bet everyone would have loved it.

All the tabloids and TV shows are saying she was FAT! Are they blind? Britney looked amazing, you can’t even tell she had her second baby less than a year ago. I think this just shows how sick celebrity culture is these days.

Also, there are rumours that Britney didn’t perform her ‘magical’ show with Criss Angel due to Insurance problems. The Palms hotel (where it was broadcast from) told MTV that she couldn’t do it as it was too much of a liability, so sources say that she had to change the performance at the last minute…