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Kanye West Disses Britney AGAIN

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Not everyone is dying to see Brit’s VMA comeback performance later tonight. Just ask Kanye West.

“Honestly, I really don’t care,” he told Us Saturday at Rolling Stone’s 40th Anniversary bash at Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. “I don’t give a f–k about Britney performing.”

So who does the ever-so-humble hip hopper, 32, think should hit the stage instead?

“I should have opened the MTV awards because ‘Stronger’ is the number one album in the country,” he said. “It just shows you that you have to do s–t to get ratings, and maybe they feel like they will get more ratings with Britney.

“Britney’s song isn’t as good as ‘Stronger,'” he went on. “This is some bulls—t, and I don’t really care.”

Bitter much?

Source: Us Weekly

Is he the dumbest person alive? Someone just shut him up.

The Gays Love Britney's New Single!

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Leave the antibiotics at home, because Britney’s latest burning sensation is … her new song!

At several gay clubs in West Hollywood this weekend, patrons cheered when “Gimme More” blasted through the room. Homosexuals loves me, y’all! Sources inside WeHo hotspots Fubar, Here Lounge, and Eleven tell TMZ that on top of the overwhelmingly enthusiastic crowd reaction, the dance track is currently one of their most requested songs. At least there’s some loyal men in her life!

If tonight’s VMA performance turns out to be the final chipped nail in Britney’s career coffin, she can always play the Gay Pride circuit alongside Toni Basil, Katrina and the Waves, and Tiffany! Ding dang!

Source: TMZ

Less Than 2 Hours To Go Until Britney Hits The Stage

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If Britney is still the opening act, then there is now less than two hours to go until her performance!

If you live in the UK, the show starts at 2AM (3AM in Central Europe). Most of MTV Europe are showing it live, but UK fans will have to wait until 9PM Monday to see it onTV. Don’t forget to watch the show at 9PM EST if you live in the US!

Keep it here for all the latest… We will have all the latest pictures and the video as soon as it’s available.

UPDATE: I’m trying to find a link to stream the show live online, so people who can’t watch it on TV can see it.  If you know of any link to a streaming version of it, please post a comment with the link in this post!

Kanye West Jealous Of Britney Opening The VMAs

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Kanye West has lashed out at Britney Spears’ upcoming performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards.West, who drops his new album “Graduation,” on Tuesday, said he was not excited about the “Baby One More Time” singer’s return to the show.

“I can’t believe she would perform,” he told the Associated Press. “She hasn’t had a hit record in years.”

West made his comments, in the run up to the VMA’s, which take place Sunday night at The Palms, just off the Vegas strip.

According to, West is scheduled to perform his track, “I Wonder,” on the broadcast. The Associated Press reported that West was apparently upset that he was not invited to open the event.

“Maybe my money’s not right. Maybe my skin’s not right,” he said.

Source: Access Hollywood

He’s so pathetic, way to play the race card…

Listen To Britney All Day Long!

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An Alabama based radio station is having a marathon Britney weekend. They are playing nothing but Britney, Britney, Britney until the VMAs tonight!

Listen to it live here!

D0n’t forget to keep checking back here all day… I’ll be here all night updating on the latest VMA developments!

Britney Hits The Las Vegas VMA Club Circuit

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What does a girl do before opening the MTV Video Music Awards? Club hop and party until 3 a.m., of course.

With her new pal Diddy by her side, Britney Spears declined to stay in and rest up for the big show, instead bouncing from club to club along the Strip, and even hanging with Paris Hilton.

After taking in a Saturday-night performance of Cirque du Soleil’s Mystere with four friends, Spears headed to the Hard Rock Hotel’s Body English for the 50 Cent album release party.

Diddy and Spears slipped into a booth with Hilton and 50 Cent. The crowd went wild when the deejay gave a shout-out to Spears, who bobbed her head to Lil Jon’s “Snap Yo Fingers” in unison with Hilton.

Then around 1:30 Sunday morning, Spears and Diddy, along with an entourage of about 20, headed to Tao Nightclub for the Samsung party. There, Spears – dressed in a champagne-colored dress, oversized sunglasses and a grey fedora hat – sat with BFF Alli Sims drinking vodka and sugar-free energy drinks.

“She was having a good time, but was real mellow,” an onlooker said. “She was having her assistant order drinks for her.”

After 45 minutes in Tao, Spears, Diddy and the crew jetted off just as the deejay put on the pop star’s new song “Gimme More”.

Next stop: Jet Nightclub, to help celebrate the 21st birthday of R&B star Cassie. Arriving sans glasses and hat, Spears and Diddy made their way to Cassie’s VIP table, and the popster gave her a hug.

“We wanted to be here for our girl Cassie,” Diddy said into a microphone. “Happy birthday, girl.”

Source: People Magazine