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"Blackout" UK Chart Update

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According to midweek sales numbers that were released yesterday, Britney is on course to debut at #3 this week on the official UK album chart.

Not bad, considering her last studio album, In The Zone, only debuted at #14.

We’ll see on Sunday what the official chart placing is.

"Blackout" US Album Chart Prediction

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Hits Daily Double has released its initial prediction for the US album chart this week.  This is what they had to say:

Britney Spears’ Blackout album will debut on next week’s HITS chart at #1, with an impressive total that could threaten 400k. As it is, the beleaguered grown-up teen diva looks on target to sell between 350-380k, which ain’t bad at all.

The album is also #1 on most of the international iTunes stores, including the UK and US stores.

Another Assistant Sells Britney Out To A Tabloid

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britneysellout1.jpgFor three of the most turbulent months of the pop star’s life, Kalie Machado was a constant by Britney Spears‘ side.

Plucked from a hairdresser’s assistant gig in December 2006 to serve as Spears’ personal assistant, Machado, 23, soon found herself a featured player in Brit’s daily soap opera, a drinking companion and shoulder to cry on.

Now living back in Northern California, Machado tells Us all the heartbreaking details of Brit’s breakup with Kevin Federline, and how Spears, 25, even desperately tried to win him back.

“She wanted so badly to have the father of her babies. When Britney thought about Kevin not wanting her, she would bawl,” Machado tells Us. “She would look at Sean and Jayden and say, ‘Where’s your daddy? I need help. Where’s your daddy?'”

And Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, were with Spears when she and Federline had their final fight, something Machado says Spears felt she was tricked into. After following him to New York with their sons, “She stood up for herself, and it kind of backfired,” Machado recalls. “That was what [Federline] wanted.”

Unable to move on, Spears hung her wedding dress in the bedroom of her Malibu home. She also kept framed photographs of she and K-Fed all over the house. “She would ask, ‘Why did he do this to me?'” Machado tells Us, adding: “It just made her crazy and depressed.”

Source: Us Weekly

Britney's Friend Sam Clears Up The Rumours

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Aside from maybe Britney Spears herself, there is probably no one on this planet more familiar with the ins and outs of the pop starlet’s life in recent months than her good friend and constant companion Sam Lufti. From the courthouse to the nightclub, the “Gimme More” singer rarely goes anywhere these days without her guy-friend Sam, which made him the perfect person to sit down with OK! to clear the air of all the rumors and allegations surrounding the former Mrs. Kevin Federline.

In an exclusive interview in the new issue of OK!, Sam talks openly about everything from what Brit’s career plans are for the future to stories of drug and alcohol abuse by the 25-year-old mother of two.

“When the state does eight random drug tests and they all come out negative, that speaks for itself,” Sam explains to OK!. “I said five months ago that she doesn’t do drugs, and now the judge is saying it.”

Well, one of the reasons so many believe those substance abuse rumors is Britney’s odd behavior in recent months, including her seemingly aimless, multi-hour-long drives around Malibu and Los Angeles. “Sometimes she just doesn’t want to deal with the paparazzi,” says Sam. “It gets scary out there for her and she decides, ‘All right, I’m just going to go home.'”

As for Brit’s tense relationship with ex-hubby K-Fed, Sam says Britney wants to remain friendly with the wannabe rapper and that it hurts her when people slam him in the press. “She doesn’t like anyone talking bad about him. He’s the father of her children.”

For the complete, raw interview with Sam, pick up the new issue of OK! — on stands everywhere Thursday.

Source: OK! Magazine

Kara Dioguardi Talks About Working With Britney

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As Britney Spears’ new album “Blackout” earns praise from critics, one of the producers on the album has come forward to say Britney deserves all the credit.

“Extra” spoke to Kara DioGuardi, who produced and wrote songs for Britney.

“When I worked with her she was pregnant with her second child. Her spirits were up,” DioGuardi says. “She came to the studio on time. She worked really hard. She would get into her zone and was unstoppable. I had a great experience with her. I felt very confident about what we would do together.”

DioGuardi co-wrote the single, “Ooh Ooh Baby,” with Britney and says, “I spent time with her and her first baby in the studio. I would look at the two of them, the way they looked at each other and the way she would hold the baby. It kind of struck me as interesting. At times it’ll be about a kid at times about a lover. She contributed to the lyric. She came up with some really cool parts.”

Since work on the record wrapped up, DioGuardi has not kept in touch with Britney but is still standing behind her.

“Everybody is rooting for Britney,” DioGuardi says. “There’s a lot of sympathy for her. Britney is Britney, she’s made a lot of people smile over the years. I’m hoping this record is as well received as the other ones. I have nothing but good things to say about her.”

Source: Extra

Britney To Get Three Visits A Week With Sons

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Issuing his order today, Commissioner Scott Gordon gave Spears three visits per week, two from 12:00 Noon to 7:00 PM and one overnight visit. The visits will be monitored.

Spears and K-Fed are ordered to figure out holiday schedules with the kids.

Britney must submit evidence that she childproofed her pool area by Friday.

In the order, the Commish wrote that when Britney has the kids, “the environment at the house ranged from chaotic to almost somber with little communication at all.” The Commish also recounts what the parenting coach complained of — that “during all three of my visits, Ms. Spears rarely engaged with the children in either conversation or play.”

According to the report, the coach wrote, “It seems that [Britney’s] choices are dependent more upon what she wants to do at any given time rather than what would be more enjoyable for the children.”

The coach also said Spears seemed to have “a lack of general attention at times” but there was nothing she would characterize as “abusive in a traditional sense.”

And then the most damning comment from the parenting coach: “The problem is that unless Ms. Spears realizes the consequences of her behavior and the impact that it has [on] her children, nothing is going to be successful.”

Source: TMZ