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"Blackout" Leaks Online

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Britney’s new album “Blackout” has finally leaked online!

If you choose to find a link and download it, DON’T forget to BUY it next week.  If Britney doesn’t get high sales for this album, do you think she will get such amazing people to work with her on her next album?

Please don’t post links to download it in the comments section.

Criss Angel Talks More About Britney's Infamous VMA Performance

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In the weeks leading up to Britney Spears’ disastrous performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, rock-star illusionist Criss Angel was not only linked romantically to the beleaguered pop star, he was supposed to be working with her to create a true stage extravaganza for her first televised performance in years.

But, like one of Criss’ infamous illusions, when Britney took the stage that fateful night, he seemed to do a vanishing act. And now, weeks later, the Mind Freak star talks to OK! to clear the air.

“We were supposed to do a creation of stuff that we worked on and it took a lot of dedication and work to do the things that we wanted to do,” Criss, on the set of his new NBC series Phenomenon, recalls exclusively to OK! about Britney’s planned VMA performance. “Unfortunately for me, she didn’t really want to put forth that type of effort.”

Criss, who has also been romantically linked to stars Cameron Diaz and Minnie Driver tells OK! that he just wanted what was best for Britney. “Basically I said, ‘Don’t worry about me. Do what you want to do. This is a big opportunity for you to do the VMAs, so if you don’t feel it, go with something else.’ And she chose to go with something else.”

As for reports that their backstage differences had ruined their friendship, Criss tells OK!, “We’re still friends and everything’s cool.”

Source: OK! Magazine

The Times Reviews "Blackout"

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Finally, a good week for Britney Spears? Just as we were getting to think that a lunar eclipse might come sooner, here’s some tentative cause for celebration.

In the space of 24 hours, the woman who yields roughly 82,000 results if you Google her name along with the phrase “troubled singer”, has been granted temporary visitation rights to her children and seen her new single Gimme More leap into the British chart’s top three.

Now, if Britney’s record company is to be believed, a good week just got better. Apparently, “unprecedented popular demand” has prompted SonyBMG to bring the release date of her comeback album Blackout forward by three weeks.

Cynics might point out that, one way or another, they would have been compelled to do so. MP3s of songs from the album have been circulating among fans over the last few weeks. That they have been moved to do so, does at least, serve reminder of the very thing that is perhaps most easily forgotten among her recent roll-call of infamy.

She is first and foremost a pop star. In a life not exactly saturated with joy, she should take a certain amount of pleasure in the fact that Blackout coheres far better than sprawling recent sets by her fellow Mickey Mouse Club alumni Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera.

Far from apologising for a roll-call of adversity that takes in custody battles, hit-and-run offences, extreme hairdressing, sudden lingerie loss and umbrella-on-pap savagery – she comes out fighting on the utterly wonderful Piece Of Me.

“I’m Miss bad media karma/Another day another drama/Guess I can’t see no harm in working and being a mama,” she declaims over an adhesively catchy chorus.

Britney may have grown up in front of MTV, perfecting Madonna’s dance routines, but she isn’t the self-determining control-freak that her heroine turned into. Neither, it should be added, does she need to be. Her recent mishaps have only compounded her status as muse of choice to top-notch writer producers such as Swedish hitmakers Bloodshy & Avant, Timbaland protégé Danja and The Neptunes.

On the Pharrell Williams-written Why Should I Be Sad and, indeed, most of what precedes it, Britney is a strangely disembodied presence – her heavily treated voice suspended amid an icy fug of minor chords and brittle synthetic beats.

If truth be told, certain songs wouldn’t have sounded too different if her vocal were totally erased. On Get Naked (I Got A Plan) and Radar her voice is a piece that slots tidily into a finely sculpted piece of burnished future-pop.

But when the whole works so well, it makes no sense to mind. Perfect Lover and Toy Soldier are quite simply two of the most strangely wonderful tunes to emerge on any record this year – exercises in sonic risk-taking that, until this point, have never hitched themselves to a Britney Spears record.

So why now, then? Well, perhaps it was in the spirit of having nothing to lose that someone suggested Britney try her hand at a marching-pace sex-fantasy about a soldier which pitched itself somewhere between Prince’s female alter-ago Camille and the sensation of watching Full Metal Jacket as ten Glade Plug-Ins infuse the air with amyl nitrate. Who knows?

Furthermore, does this stuff work on any profound level? Well, ever since she appeared in 1999 with Hit Me Baby One More Time, Britney has enjoyed a certain status as metatextual plaything of Late Review guests and chin-stroking post-ironics (no mean feat, this – Kylie and Madonna had to ensure years of highbrow snobbery to get to the same point). When it comes down to it though, the answer is no, not really. A gaggle of schoolchildren exchanging ringtones on the top deck of the bus will just as easily tell you why these songs work. They tick almost every box in the checklist of great pop, period.

Perhaps that shouldn’t be so surprising. After all, Britney Spears learned to be a pop star way before she learned to be an adult. In a sense then, it’s fitting that her facility for great pop moments is the very last facet of her to shut down.

Source: The Times Online

Stream The Full "Blackout" Album Tomorrow On

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For fans of the disgraced pop princess, tomorrow’s a special day: VH1 will be streaming the new Britney Spears record, in its entirety, starting at 6 a.m. So what’s the word back on what you can expect? A bevy of experts have already weighed in. And the news will disappoint all you haters out there: If you believe the critics, Blackout is actually supposed to be pretty good. How do you think it will compare to her previous work?

“She may no longer dance with flair, lip-sync on cue, keep her dress down, or even be judged a suitable mom, but Britney Spears can still turn up on some slammin’ new songs. The much-whispered-about, oft-giggled-over Blackout album, the singer’s first in four years, contains flashes of the zippy pop and propulsive dance beats Brit fans treasure, despite the singer’s, shall we say, distracting activities of the last year.” – The New York Daily News

“This album is going to be #1!!! Everyone needs to back the hell off. Her family wouldn’t have nothing if it weren’t for her. Even Mr. Federline he has what he has because of her. She has made everyone lives better. She’s young and just living her life (and yes the way she wants ). I’m so excited, can’t wait for the 30th!!! YOU GO GIRL!!” – Ashley, a rather intense fan of Britney Spears, in a post at

“The good news: it’s not nearly as bad as you may have thought, or been led to believe. Her handlers may be unable to keep her from falling face first into a puddle of her own Frappucino puke outside Wal-Mart, but once she lays down her notorious cat yawp, her superproducers are free to turn it into another squeaky sound effect in their passable, expensive-sounding dance-pop, without fear she’s going to storm the studio, drunken grab the decks, and somehow f*ck it up.” – Idolator

“The Giorgio Moroder-inspired ‘Heaven on Earth’ is far more layered — which is a good thing, considering her vocals are especially airy here. Three different vocal lines take place over the throbbing beat, in a way similar to Moroder’s signature song, Donna Summer’s disco classic “I Feel Love.” Reciting what she wants as a come-on in one line (”Your love, your teeth, your tongue”), she tells her lover sleepily to “lay your head on my chest and drift away,” while simultaneously singing in a more bouncy style in a third lyric: “You’ve taken me so far away, one look and you stop time.” It’s one of the more complex tracks she’s attempted, with whispers sneaking in and out of other lyrics so that two or three songs could be happening at once. ” – VH1

“Like many of today’s young dance-pop starlets, Britney sounds like she’s looking back to the ’80s . . . . The Rihanna-esque ‘Radar’ (also produced by Bloodshy & Avant), sets Spears’s chirpy delivery to a bouncy beat, while the driving ‘Heaven on Earth,’ an early fave, is a throbbing throwback to “I Feel Love”-era Donna Summer.”- People

Source: VH1

PopJustice Reviews Britney's New Album

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The Britney album is really really incredible. It’s modern sounding and brilliantly produced but still absolutely pop. Most of the leaked tracks are different on the album, unheard tracks like ‘Toy Soldier’ are completely brilliant and hearing the whole lot in proper CD quality is a really exciting experience. It’s a really clever album which sounds like a complete body of work and which sounds very 2008, with a subtle sense of humour and a really danceable edge throughout.

Cover art aside, this is the best album of Britney’s career and one of the best pop albums of 2007. It’s in the shops next week so will probably leak in the next few days.

Source: PopJustice

Britney Tells The Paparazzi Her Next Single Is "Somebody"

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Britney claimed yesterday that her next single will be out in December and that it’s called “Somebody”, even though there is no song by that title on her new album.

What does this mean? A re-release already? A totally different album coming out? Or Britney just joking around? Knowing Britney this is just one of her weird jokes…

She also said she’s not sure if there will be dancers in the video or if she will be alone, depending on the concept.

Britney said she was taking the kids trick-or-treating dressed as pumpkins, and said she was “scared” when asked about the forest fires surrounding her Malibu home.

Watch the video of Britney’s strange conversation with the paparazzi here.

"Gimme More" CD Single Out Tomorrow In The UK

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Britney’s latest single, “Gimme More”, which today entered the official UK singles chart at #3, will be released physically tomorrow.

The release was originally set to be a 2 track and a Maxi CD, but they deleted the Maxi.  Now it looks like both will be released again.  We’ll find out tomorrow…

Don’t forget to buy it, this is going to be a really tough week.  If you want to buy multiple copies, be sure to do it in seperate transactions.  If you buy multiple copies of the same format in the same transaction, it only counts as one sale.