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Official UK "Piece Of Me" Release Date & Video Update

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Earlier this week Britney worked all through the night to film the video for her fantastic forthcoming single Piece of Me which is now set for release in the UK on 7th January 2008 – what a way to start the new year!

The video was shot in LA and directed by Wayne Isham who has worked with Britney previously on her I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman album as well as working with artists as far ranging as Metallica to Michael Jackson, N*Sync to Bon Jovi.
The video is now in the editing stage and could be hitting our TVs as early as next week. Watch this space to find out more!

Source: SonyBMG UK

What Britney Has To Put Up With On A Daily Basis

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Want to see what Britney has to put up with every day?  In the following video, you can see Britney going to Target, Starbucks, a bookstore, an underground car park… you know, every exciting place you can think of!  Who the hell actually wants to watch/buy this stuff?!

You can see Britney get really pissed off and ask for the police due to the amount of paparazzi (there must have been about 50), then she pushes people out of the way and goes back in the store.  Later, she gets harassed in a bookshop and has to run away from them, and even gets followed into the toilet at Starbucks.  She had some good words to say about the staff at Target, “Can I just say, that the Target police are definately better than the blue [LAPD]”.

Britney also joked to a cameraman when asked about rumours about her being pregnant again (how many times has she been pregnant this year according to tabloids? 20?).  She said “Me and Kevin are getting back together, we’re having twins!”

Check out the upsetting video here. 

Britney Stayed At The Video Shoot All Last Night

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With the kiddos back with K-Fed, working mother Britney Spears pulled the night shift at a Hollywood club — shooting her new “music” video.

TMZ cameras caught Spears leaving restaurant/club Social around 6:30 AM, where her new video for “Piece of Me” had been filming since 9:30 PM Tuesday. Spears both arrived and departed in her pajamas, with Sam driving the new Britmobile.

Cameras caught the video’s director, Wayne Isham, after the shoot — who had only good things to say, like, “She’s a beautiful professional!” Of course she is!

Source: TMZ

More Info On Yesterday's Video Shoot

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Balancing mommy duty and her music career – it’s all in day’s work for Britney Spears.

After spending Tuesday with her two sons Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, Spears switched into pop-star mode, arriving at L.A. restaurant and nightclub Social Hollywood to shoot the video for her tabloid-bashing single “Piece of Me” – the second single off her album Blackout. (It’s being directed by Wayne Isham, who helmed Spears’s “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman” video.)

Spears and her backup dancers donned identical blonde bob wigs and black trench coats. The premise? “The paparazzi are following [Britney], so they’re dressed alike to trick them,” a source close to Spears tells PEOPLE. “They all go into a club to get away. One [photographer] sneaks in, but Britney, in the end, discovers him.”

The stakes are high for Spears, whose video for “Gimme More” was poorly received when it was released in October. (The song itself, however, was a hit.) “[Spears] is really freaked out about everything,” said the source. “She’s just really nervous and feels like everyone might make fun of her again.”

Source: People Magazine

Britney To Start Filming "Piece Of Me" Video Today

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While lawyers were in two L.A. courthouses Monday arguing over her various driving violations and custody issues, Britney Spears spent her time readying for her next musical move: a new video. has learned that production on the video for her single “Piece of Me” is scheduled to begin Tuesday at 8 a.m. at the Hollywood Athletic Club. A source tells Us that the video will be directed by Wayne Isham, who helmed the video for the 2002 Brit hit, “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman.”

A set source tells Us that since Spears, 25, has a scheduled visit with sons Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, on Tuesday, she will only be available to film for two hours, between noon and 2 p.m. During that time she will shoot scenes where she dances on a bar and runs down a staircase. There will be 15 extras, as well as a body double for Brit.

Meanwhile, at a hearing in her ongoing custody battle with ex Kevin Federline on Monday, lawyers for both Spears and Federline discussed holiday visitation plans and whether a representative for Child and Family Services should have access to sealed case documents.

Following the hearing, court spokesperson Allen Parachini told reporters: “There was a great deal of interaction over issues that were important to the parties. There was an order made relating to DCFS access to the files. There were extensive discussions over a visitation agreement over the holiday period. Holiday visitation will be different from the existing schedule. There was another matter discussed that I can’t discuss. The next court hearing is January 23.”

Source: Us Weekly