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Only Drugs Found In Britney's Test Results Are Prescription

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More Britney Spears people are coming forward, in the wake of the TMZ story that Britney tested positive for drugs last week.

A Brit source tells us, “The only thing that comes on the results are the prescriptions, that the court doctor prescribed.” The source added, “There has been no illegal drugs or even alcohol in any of the test results.”

We know Britney is seeing a shrink as part of the ongoing custody brouhaha. That could be what the source was talking about with respect to the court doctor.

Source: TMZ

Britney Laying Low

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There’s a reason there haven’t been any updates for a few days, and it’s not that I’m lazy!  There has been a surprising lack of anything in the Britney world this weekend.  Britney went shopping for baby clothes and she dyed her hair blonde again this week… that’s about it!

Hopefully there’ll be some more (positive) news to report this week.

Britney's Lawyer Says She's Passed 10 Random Drug Tests

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A lawyer for Kevin Federline alleged that Britney Spears has failed to follow drug-testing procedures, missing eight of 14 drug tests, at an emergency hearing in their ongoing custody battle at L.A. Superior Court Thursday.

He alleged that Spears, 25 — who has been called to submit twice-weekly random drug and alcohol tests — has not been able to be reached for results within the hour, a court-ordered deadline.

Kaplan told Court Commissioner Scott Gordon, “We have been in court on this exact issue at least three times.”

Spears’ attorney Anne Kiley shot back, calling the tests “unconstitutional.

“Since October 5 there have been 10 negative drug tests,” she said, adding, “the idea that she needs to respond within the hour is meaningless.

“Is the issue that Britney Spears needs to get up at 8:30 a.m. and answer the phone?” she went on. “She’s a pop star with a No. 1 album. She is not up that early.” [Spears’ album was actually No. 2 on Billboard’s Top 200.]

Gordon fired back: “She needs to take responsibility. The issue is to see if she can follow a court order.

“Since we started this, there have been lost phones, changed numbers, voicemails being left on someone else’s voice mail….

“Maybe we should set up a fixed appointment for her to be tested,” he said. “The point is we cannot continue to do these weekly ex-parte motions.”

A source tells “the hour that they test [Spears] is very important. If she’s out partying the night before, that would be reflected. That’s why it’s an important issue to Kevin and his attorney.”

Spears and Federline were not present.

UPDATE: Kaplan and Kiley have been oredered to come up with a new drug testing plan and present it to Gordon at a hearing Tuesday.

Gordon also ruled that Spears must provide a single, working telephone number to be called in for drug testing.

Source: Us Weekly

No Change In Custody For Britney After Today's Hearing

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Despite calls for changes in the existing custody agreement between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, the judge in the case ruled today that things are (basically) to stay the same.

Today’s emergency hearing dealt primarily with the pop star’s apparent inability to respond in a timely fashion to calls from the testing facility for her court-ordered random drug tests. According to K-Fed’s attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan, who told the judge that the singer exists in a “parallel universe,” Brit has not responded properly to 8 out of 14 attempts (each “failed” attempt consists of three phone calls from the facility within a one hour period).

Britney’s excuse? Aside from her lawyer Anne Kiley calling the testing facility “corrupt” and the facility’s head a “liar,” it appears that Britney’s biggest problem is the time at which the facility calls.

“She’s a pop star and you can’t expect her to be awake at 7 or 8 in the morning,” Kiley told the court. When the judge pointed out that he had “no doubt” that Ms. Kiley would respond in a timely manner at that hour, she retorted, “But you’re not a pop star with a number one album!”

Rather than point out that Britney’s album was actually a distant number two on this week’s Billboard list, the judge said “This isn’t about who’s a rock star… We’re all bending over backwards to get her to behave like ordinary people.”

Also at issue is Britney’s apparent cell phone issues. Both Kaplan and the judge mentioned problems of changed phone numbers, lost phones, assistants answering and then hanging up, calls being forwarded to random numbers and so on.

“Is there a special section in the family code dedicated to Ms Spears,” Asked Kaplan. “Should the lab be on standby for when she calls and says ‘I’m up now, I’m ready to receive visitors?'”

After a recess, during which the court was unable to secure a new testing facility, Kaplan asked that Britney no longer be allowed to drive the boys, and that if she’s in the car with them, another person must drive. The judge shot this idea down, stating that it would in effect be a change to the custody ruling, but not without a bit of scolding for the beleaguered songstress.

“She’s a mom. She needs to take responsibility,” explained the judge. “It’s not about Britney Spears getting up at 8:30am. It’s about a court order… Do you want a tech standing by for her? Like a fireman ready to go when she’s ready?”

In closing, the judge stressed the need for Britney and her attorney to come up with a dedicated number on which the singer could be reached at all times. “You can change the number every day,” explained the judge, saying that she must let Kaplan and the testing facility know of the change. Explained the judge: “It comes down to: You get the call, you respond to the call, you get tested.”

Source: OK! Magazine

More From Britney's Ex Assistant

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Britney Spears’ meltdown has been shocking and very public. Now the troubled singer’s former assistant offers the most revealing glimpse yet into the singer’s disintegrating life.

Desperate to win back her ex-husband Kevin Federline, she cried herself to sleep night after night.

Her Malibu mansion became a shrine to their failed marriage, with her wedding dress in a case on the wall.

Kalie fears that 25-year-old Britney is on a path to self-destruction – and believes the root of her troubles is her inability to get over the breakdown of her marriage.

Britney invited Kalie into her inner circle after they met in an LA hair salon last December. Within weeks she was her assistant – the pair became so close they went out on the town, even staging a mock kiss on a wild weekend in Las Vegas.

“I met Britney a week or two after she filed for divorce from Kevin”, explains Kalie, 23. “I was working as an assistant to a celebrity hair stylist. He had a call one day from Britney wanting extensions done. We did them ovfer a few days and on the last day when we were styling her hair for a party she said “Do you wanna come?”

“I was like ‘Are you talking to me? Of course!’ After that night we went out a couple of times together and really hit it off. After two weeks of me being with her she asked me to work for her full-time. I ended up staying with her for three months without going home!”

Kalie insists that Britney is a sweet, loving girl who dotes on her sons, Sean Preston, two, and one-year-old Jayden James, but adds that she couldn’t get over Kevin’s apparent rejection of her – and that obsession sparked her increasingly erratic behaviour.

“She kept her wedding dress in a case on the wall in the entrance of her Malibu home,” says Kalie. “Her house was her pride and joy. She kept all of Kevin’s clothes and she would wander into his wardrobe looking at them. You could say it was a shrine to him – or to their marriage, at least.

“While he was going here there and everywhere, she stayed with the babies by herself.”

Kalie reveals that, despite filing for divorce in December 2006, after just two years of marriage, Britney hoped to win Kevin back. “She was incredibly sad and lonely while I was with her,” she says. “I could tell she desperately wanted him back. She would burst into tears when he wouldn’t return her calls.

“She’d cry at night a lot. She would sob ‘Why isn’t he calling back? Doesn’t he love me and the babies? Why did he do this to me?’ There she was with two babies and no husband. She had help but she didn’t want it. She wanted the father of her children to help her.

“She’d look at Sean and Jayden and say ‘Where’s your daddy? I need help!’ She doesn’t want nannies. She wanted their father to love her and her babies. There were a lot of tears around last Christmas.

“Kevin didn’t call to see the kids over Christmas at all, and he didn’t see them at New Year either – he was in Miami. Britney would call him and he never returned her phone calls. She was so lonely.”

Kalie confirms that the stories of Britney stripping off and walking around her home naked – which emerged during her ongoing custody battle with Kevin – are true. “Sure she walked around naked,” she says, “but ONLY in her wing of the house and in her own bedroom. I didn’t think it was strange at all.

“She also loves dressing up. We would go through her closet, smoke cigarettes and talk. She loved talking about how cute the babies are.”

Kalie would accompany Britney on nights out. She was there when Britney got Caesar’s Palace to open the Pussycat Dolls Lounge (a tribute venue to the sexy pop group) for her to stage a solo strip show.

She recalls “There was nobody in the club so they opened it up for her. They pulled out the props that the Pussycat Dolls use in their act. She loved being the centre of attention.” In another attempt to lift her flagging spirits, Britney checked into a health ranch in Arizona, taking Kalie with her. But when she left last February, she was no closer to getting over her ex.

Kalie recalls, “She told Kevin she’d fly him to Arizona – but he wouldn’t come. She felt so unwanted and she’s already so insecure. It just made her crazy and depressed.”

It was just days after returning to LA that Britney shaved her head.

“You can’t say no to Britney – I tried,” says Kalie. “Shaving her head is the perfect example. There were two times she wanted to shave her head. I was like ‘Britney, it’s probably not the best idea.’ The first time we were driving and she was like ‘Pull over at this salon.’ But she didn’t go through with it in the end.

“I wasn’t there the second time, when she went rhrough with it. Her bodyguards could just have not taken her there but you don’t say no to Britney. I still don’t know why she did it. She never told me. She was forced into rehab before she got the chance.”

Britney’s stay in Promises in Malibu failed to solve her problems. Kalie claims, “It didn’t help – it made things worse. Being forced into rehab made her crazier. What was crazy about Britney is the way she constantly changes her mind. One second she wants to do this, th she wants to do that. She is very indecisive.”

Kalie lost contact with Britney in February after Lynne Spears accused her of being an “enabler” who accompanied her daughter on wild parties – a claim she denies. But it was no good. She was suddenly evicted from Britney’s inner circle.

Despite fearing the worst, Kalie remains hopeful that, with help, Britney can turn her life around. “I never saw her do drugs,” she says. “I never saw her take prescription medication. But she needed it. She needs mental help. I still care about Britney deeply and I believe she also cares deeply about her children.

“Maybe my speaking out may do some good in the long run. But a lot needs to change in her life.”

Source: Daily Mirror