Wayne Isham Talks About Working With Britney

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After last week’s preview of Britney Spears’s new video, “Piece of Me,” its producer, Wayne Isham, is now offering some insight into what it was like to work with her on it.

Spears gets nothing but high marks, according to the producer, whose credits include videos for Madonna, Metallica, Faith Hill and ‘N Sync.

“On set,” says Isham of Spears, “she was very professional, excited to work and beautiful as always. I was impressed with her focus as she choreographed the dance herself. Her endurance was remarkable, as we had a long day.”

He adds, “She almost outlasted me, which is amazing! It was a pleasure to work with her again.”

The video is intended as a broadside against the paparazzi. It features the pop star, 26, in a black bra and ripped jeans, alternating a short cropped fur vest with a longer white fur coat, and singing about the photographers who hound her day and night.

As Spears writhes in front of a multicolored display, photographers are seen jostling below a lighted window, snapping pics of a band of Britney look-alikes who are dressing for a night out.

Source: People Magazine

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  • Sheena


    Coarse she was very professional she always is when it comes to her work cuz she loves it so much. I’m glad to hear that she was excited about it, that’s very good i know how much she loves her work and too hear that she was excited about it makes me think that she is so def. ready to make her comeback. and of coarse she looked beautiful as he said as always, cuz she does always look beautiful. she looks so damn fuckin hot in the pics and lil clips of “Piece of Me” that i have seen, i so can’t wait to see the full video on tv, and not the blurry version online. I’m so glad to hear someone who works with her sayin good things about her it’s about fuckin time, most people just say bad stuff about her or maybe somewhat good things but this was all good, THANK YOU so very much Wayne for saying such wonderful things about Britney. I love to know that the dance moves are her’s that’s really awesome, cuz from what i’ve seen of the dance moves they look so very awesome, so to know that they are Brit’s dance moves is so totally fuckin awesome. Hey Brit, I LOVE THE SONG, I LOVE THE VIDEO, I LOVE THE ALBUM, AND I SO DEF. LOVE U.


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