Blender Reviews The "Piece Of Me" Music Video

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Britney is not back. But she looks more like America’s favorite oversexed scamp here than she has in recent memory. At the very least, this is an actual music video (we’re still not sure what “Gimme More” was/is/will be).

The sharp, tongue-in-cheek song about stalkerazzi doesn’t it take itself too seriously and neither does this clip: Brit seems more than comfortable dancing the fishbowl angst away. (Granted, it still seems like she’s dancing to the monkey-drummer in her head instead of the beat during some of those silver-jacketed solo shots.) But when she whips her extensions around and fans herself while flanked by a set of dancers, we can almost see the “Slave 4 U” Britney peeking through all the drama. Almost.

Rating: 3/4 Stars

Source: Blender Magazine

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  • ***MIMI***


    Almost but not dere she get back sumday


  • Sheena


    She is so def. back and she looks so damn fuckin hot in this video and while i liked the “Gimme More” it def. wasn’t a great britney video it was good but not Britney great, but “Piece of Me” so def. is. LOVE YA BRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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