More Info On Britney's Evening After Sister's Pregnancy Announcement

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Within hours of hearing the news about her 16-year-old sister’s unexpected pregnancy, Britney Spears was going wild on the streets of Los Angeles.

The troubled pop star’s first stop was the Lisa Kline boutique, where Brit often shops when depressed. With her chihuahua in hand, the 25-year-old mother of two tried on a variety of short dresses and jeans. And while this might not strike one as odd, what the former Mrs. Kevin Federline told reporters as she left was certainly of note. “My sister’s not pregnant!” the “Gimme More” songstress exclaimed. Um… Is there another Spears sister we don’t know about?

But the odd behavior didn’t stop there. According to witnesses, Britney, who at best can be described as an often-confused driver, made several U-turns in rainy conditions Tuesday night, and at one point while driving west along Santa Monica Blvd., the pop star began to turn right and go north on Doheny Dr., only to change her mind in mid-turn and make a left-hand turn, cutting across three lanes of traffic in the middle of the intersection!

A few blocks later, Brit pulls into the swanky L’Ermitage Beverly Hills hotel, where she and her assistant hung out at the famous Writer’s Bar. In the bathroom, one eyewitness describes the pair as “thick as thieves,” saying they were “sharing makeup and lipstick.” After enjoying a beverage at the bar, Brit and her assistant sat down for some grub.

Just after midnight, it appeared as if Britney had decided to move on, pulling out of the L’Ermitage parking lot. But instead of heading to a nearby fave like the Four Seasons, Brit merely drove around the block before re-entering the hotel minutes later!

Well, if Britney wants to learn about her sister’s pregnancy, she can just head down to the hotel’s newsstand Wednesday morning and pick up a copy of the new OK!.

Source: OK! Magazine

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  • Clifton


    Go wild on the streets of LA. Typical phrases by the media make things seem bigger then they are. Do we have to learn about every driving mistake she makes. You know how often people do stuff like that. All the fucking time. When people get behind a wheel they become quite dumb. And considering she had the news of her sisters pregnancy on her mind that can make it worse. But my point is driving mistakes like that are very common. Some people are way worse about them then Britney. But the thing is they aren’t followed by paps all day long who record every little thing and blow it up like she is.


  • Sheena


    Yea clifton u are so right, i so totally agree, i’m sure if lots of peeps were followed by paps everywhere they went like Britney is that people would see them doin much worse or the same kinda things brit does or supposedly does or whatever, people need to learn that while she may be a famous celeb and be very gorgeous and talented she is only human and makes the same mistakes we all are capable of makin, its just that since she’s followed around 24/7 every single lil mistake she makes is filmed or photographed or written about and also sometimes blown way out of proportion. so everyone one leave Britney the damn hell alone already and just think about all the mistakes u’ve made that u wouldn’t want everyone to see. LOVE YA BRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Christina


    Exactly Sheena, I couldnt have said it better,lol, Luv u honey.


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