Britney Cancels Dancing Session At Millenium Dance Studio

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Things are even more hectic than usual for Britney Spears. On Thursday, after spending a cozy afternoon at her Beverly Hills home with sons Preston, 2, and Jayden, 1, the singer scheduled – then cancelled – a session at Millennium Dance Complex.

“She wanted to try out a new dance routine,” says a source. But, in the wake of her 16-year-old sister’s surprise pregnancy announcement, the studio was swarmed by hoards of photographers.

When Spears, 26 – who had been kept in the dark about the baby news until the story broke on Tuesday – saw the crowd, “she freaked out and just kept driving,” says the source, who was on the scene.

“Britney said that she doesn’t want to deal with the media because she is still shocked [about Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy news],” adds the source. “She feels that she needs peace and quiet.”

Source: People Magazine

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Comments (3)

  • Clifton


    God seems like they are always swarming that place. Seriously ya think eventually they would lay off the place. Woman can’t even go work in peace. How many pictures of Britney do they need seriously? There are millions out there we don’t really need anymore. Unless she makes a huge appearance change or something.


  • Sheena


    Yup exactly clifton, they seriously need to leave britney the damn hell alone already, they don’t need to fuckin follow her around 24/7. LOVE YA BRIT!!!!!!!! stay strong honey.


  • T


    Why dosen’t she drive a blacked out window car so they can’t see her then use a decoy for them to follow


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