Britney Going Back To The Recording Studio Already

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Her latest album “Blackout” has only been out 6 weeks, but Britney is already heading back into the recording booth!

Britney was pretty angry the other night, after the paparazzi bust-up. She went into the bathroom at a gas station and started shouting down the phone at someone.

The most important detail recorded from the conversation was that Britney said, “you’re not listening to me! I said I want THAT studio.”

It sounds like she mentions “Conway” too, which is the name of the studio she used to record a lot of her last album “In The Zone.”

This news comes as it was revealed that there would be a re-release of “Blackout” in the new year. She has also scheduled rehearsals at Millenium Dance Complex, which she later cancelled due to media attention.

Check out the video of the incident by clicking the read more link, and Merry Christmas!

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Comments (3)

  • PrinTer


    okay, we’ll wait it.. Hope there’s a great single inside..


  • jon


    Im almost postitive shes saying “are u at fucking conway studios?….No your not.” i listened to it 3 times n im pretttty sure thats what shes saying lol, it could be possible shes saying “are u booking at conway studios”, but it sounds more like the first.

    anywayz, i hope she has alota new songs on the re-release, she recorded alot of songs for blackout that are able to be heard only on the internet and alota them r good!


  • Jill P


    Cool wow it would be so great she is awsome and Blackout rocks.I am excited hope it happens
    Love ya Brit


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