Britney's Old Assistant Fe Talks About Britney

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Britney’s long time assistant and friend, Felicia Culotta, has spoken out on Britney for the first time since just before Britney went to rehab (check out some of what she had to say back then here). She was spotted backstage at Z100’s Jingle Ball recently, and was asked a few things about her long time employer.

Fe, who is now the assistant of the Jonas Brothers, said, “It’s just so sad to see Britney now.”  She has turned away from everyone that wants to help her and love her. I hope she reaches out to her family for help soon.”

She went on to comment on how working for Jonas Brothers differs from her time with Britney. “Working with the Jonas Brothers is a totally positive experience,” Culotta gushed. “They are wonderful, and I feel so lucky to be with such sweet people. It is a completely different experience from my time with Britney near the end.”

Britney and Fe parted ways in 2005.

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  • James


    I cannot stand this woman. Even when she did interviews during the earlier party of Britney’s career she was such a lemming. She just did whatever anyone told her, so of course now she’s with the Jonas Brothers she’s enamored with them.

    Get your own personality, Felicia. Grow some balls and stop saying what people tell you to say…


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