Britney To Host Another Scandinavian Style Mansion Event

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Britney Spears will host a party, The Scandinavian Style Mansion, at a private residence in Beverly Hills on Feb. 16, PEOPLE has learned.

Britney last hosted the event – at which Scandinavian brands are showcased – on Dec. 1. At that party, she was presented with a birthday cake and bumped into her one-time BFF Paris Hilton.

“Britney has said ‘yes,’ to hosting it,” Claus Hjelmbak, the Danish businessman who founded the event, tells PEOPLE. “I am beyond excited because the experience she gave everyone in December was amazing. She absolutely made my event.”

Hjelmbak, who was at Spears’s side when she and Sam Lutfi went on an early morning shopping spree Jan. 17 at Kitson in L.A., told PEOPLE of the outing: “I know people will say it’s weird she was shopping at 2 a.m., but [Kitson] said you guys can always come when you want. I just called the owner and said can we come over and they said ‘sure.'”

Hjelmbak also has kind words for Lutfi, saying, “He’s the most down-to-earth, easy-going guy. He doesn’t have a bad bone in his body.” As for Adnan Ghalib, he said, “I don’t know him.”

As for online reports claiming Spears has multiple personalities, Hjelmbak, who first met Britney in 2006, says, “I have only seen one person and that’s the Britney I first met and seen every time. She’s a very sweet person.”

Source: People Magazine

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  • Laura


    Only Britney would host a party after losing complete custody of her children and after being released from a hospital (where she was on lockdown!)


  • branko


    i am glad that she is parting little.what be better that she sits in room and crying. i think not.
    You go Gorl i LOve you


  • Sheena


    I dunno if hostin a party is the best thin for Brit right now, but yea at least she isn’t sittin in her room cryin as branko says. But the party thin isn’t the best either, cuz for one thin she should be gettin help and tryin to get better, before the next custody hearin which is only 3 days after the party, but oh well if this is what she wants to do then i say go for it honey. I like this Claus Hjelmbak guy who is sayin that Brit is a very sweet person cuz she def. is and always has been and even with all her unusal behavior lately that hasn’t changed, well at least it hasn’t changed for the peeps that deserve seein her sweet side. LOVE YA BRIT!!!!!!!!!


  • prem



    Piece of me is #1 for 4 weeks in a row on MTV Asia charts!! It even debuted at #1 on its first week…GO BRITNEY!!!

    Check it out…


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