Britney Meets Up With Adnan…

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After suffering a temporary memory lapse yesterday, Britney apparently remembered her paparazzo boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib. At least long enough to meet him at Taverna Tony’s in Malibu around 5:30 this evening.

The two only stayed about 10 minutes and then got into one of their cars and hit the road, a source tells E! Online.

(Which just goes to show, you can’t trust British Brit—she’s the naughty one who told photographers she’d never heard of the FinalPixx cameraman.)

From there, the night reportedly took a wild turn. According to X17 (big grain of salt since it’s a rival photo agency), Adnan was driving Britney’s white Mercedes on Sunset Boulevard when he accidentally clipped a motorcycle. He allegedly yelled at the stunned biker before speeding away.

And if that wasn’t enough craziness for one day, news surfaced that Adnan’s wife filed for a legal separation on January 18. Plus, the first of several Entertainment Tonight interviews with Adnan (unpaid, he swears) hit YouTube.

Source: E! Online

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  • Whatever


    Kooky ass needs to stay home and act normally while she is fighting to get some custody back or they will find out the stupid things she does and use them against her. Ugh. She never learns!


  • Sheena


    Shut the freakin hell up “whatever”, she can go out if she damn well pleases. Kevin does all the time i’m sure, but since the freakin damn paps don’t follow him around, since he’s a nobody, the courts aren’t gonna see that.


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