Basshunter Wants To Share His #1 Position With Britney

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Swedish dance star Basshunter has revealed to 4Music that he is willing to share his current number one place in the singles chart with Britney Spears to cheer her up.

The ‘Now You’re Gone’ star, 23, who held hotly-tipped newcomer Adele of the top spot last Sunday, told us that he’d happily let Britney reign with him if it would make her feel better.

“Leave Britney alone! She is having a little rough time and I’ve been telling my fans on my homepage to go into her homepage or her MySpace and just write her a nice message,” said Basshunter, real name Jonas Erik Altberg.

“Just a nice ‘hope you’re feeling better’ or ‘big love from the Basshunter fans’. I am willing to share the number one spot with her. She’s just a sweet, innocent girl who got seduced by the big trappings of fame.”

Source: 4Music

As you may remember, he was #1 last week when “Piece Of Me” entered at #2 in the UK singles chart.

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  • Clifton


    Well isn’t he nice.


  • Sheena


    That is so sweet.


  • prem


    Yeah, he’s nice, but i think he’s trying to be a little of a show-off!!!


  • addie


    Do it becuz she deserves it but dont if u feel sorry for her……


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