Kevin's Lawyer: "Britney's Deposition Is 'Slow Going'"

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Britney Spears’s deposition is “slow going,” and could drag on for multiple sessions, concedes Kevin Federline’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan.

Asked if the deposition could last five or more sessions, Kaplan replied, “It wouldn’t surprise me.” The attorney, who happened to run into a PEOPLE reporter Wednesday, added, “There are many areas that I have not yet explored.”

Spears, 26, has been cross examined for a total of one hour over two sessions. (She has been late to both.)

As of the second session Monday, Kaplan said he’d only completed “two percent” of his questioning, which Spears must answer while under oath. Spears’s first session lasted a mere 14 minutes, and occurred just hours before her infamous Jan. 3 meltdown.

The lawyer, who could not reveal specifics, is likely grilling the pop star about past drug and alcohol use, her failure to follow court orders, and anything else that pertains to her parenting. (The questioning lays the groundwork for the Spears-Federline custody trial scheduled for April.)

On Thursday, Kaplan also began deposing Spears confidante Sam Lutfi, who had evaded the sit-down for months.

Source: People Magazine

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  • Daniela


    Nevím tedy jestli odepisujete 4ech?m,ale ja sem velkej fanda britney.A hrozne jí p?eju aby to zase vytáhla.A že nemuže jenom vydat desku ale že musí i na koncerty a ud?lat turné.Vzkažte jí to prosím prosím


  • prem


    OMG!! He’s gonna grill her!!!

    Stay strong, britney….


  • Clifton


    It might be slow going but at least it’s going.


  • Sheena


    Yup exactly clifton, it might be slow, but yea at least it’s going.


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