Britney Breaks Down Outside House; Denies Entry To Adnan

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The reports we’re getting from our photographers on the scene right now at Britney’s Beverly Hills home are that her paparazzi “boyfriend” Adnan Ghalib was attempting to enter Brit’s private, gated neighborhood and he was denied when the guard called her home!!!

At 5:43 pm, Britney went to the gate of her community, crying with her dog in her arms. Adnan came to the gate, tried to go in, and was denied.

Police were called; they are now at the scene; there’s a police copter in the sky. They’re looking for Adnan in his silver Mercedes SL.

The cops are checking the ID of all cars that pass her neighborhood.

Here’s how it started … Britney and Sam were inside the gates of Brit’s community and Britney got out the car crying, just after 7 pm. Sam got out to try to console her and got angry with photographers who were taking pix and told them to get away.

Not long after, the pap who partied at Britney’s house a week ago, Filipe, picked up Brit and drove her to her house; he left the neighborhood immediately after dropping her off.

By this time, the cops were arriving and Adnan showed up too but was denied entrance to Britney’s neighborhood.

Office George Lopez of the LAPD tells X17online that they received a call by the security team at Britney’s neighborhood because some paparazzi entered the gates of the community. Officers responded to the call and issued citations to the owners of the cars illegally parked on the street in front of the community.

Source: X17

As good as it sounds, Britney was out with Adnan after this incident last night.

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  • Whatever


    You have it wrong yet again! Britney and Lutfi got into a fight and she called Adnan; Lutfi denied him access to the house. It is all a bunch of horse-shit drama if you ask me. She has lost it. THIS is exactly why she does not need her children back. She causes too much drama and those poor babies do not need to be placed in the middle of it. I can’t stand her. Sure didn’t hear her talking in her fake-ass British accent tonight. Idiot walking around carrying that damn dog with her. Ugh. Throw her ass in a mental institution already.


  • ***MIMI***


    Actually… Sam is da one dat denied adnan. “WHATEVER” I agree wit u. Britney’s is a fuckin mess. I hope dat treatment starts so. IT’S AN EMBARASSIN 4 HER WHEN I SEE HER ON TV……


  • prem


    Seriously, they were out again?? Omg…i was just about to open my champagne bottle for a possible break-up!! Well, it’s bound to happen sooner or later. I’ll take this as a pleasant start!!


  • Sheena


    Shut the freakin hell up already “Whatever” if u can’t stand her then leave this Britney FAN site and freakin leave Brit the damn hell alone.


  • Christina


    thats right, Sheena, sweetie, Luv u so much. “Whatever” shut the hell up pls


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