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No Visitation For Britney Until At Least Mid February

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The Commissioner has just ruled that Britney will not have visitation restored, at least until the next hearing on February 19.

The order came after the testimony of two LAPD cops who responded to the craziness a week ago Thursday, Lisa Hacker, the court monitor, Loni Jones, a bodyguard, and Pamela Strong, the court monitor who was present during the drama.

Source: TMZ

Britney Arrives At Courthouse… Then Leaves

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In a chaotic scene, Britney Spears arrived at her child-custody hearing Monday – but left the courthouse after paparazzi surrounded her.

“I’m scared. I want to get in the car. I’m going in the car,” she said after stepping out of the car as photographers crowded around her.

Spears, 26, then got back in the car. Police tried to coax her out, but she slammed her back against the seat and shouted, “No!”

Spears’s car eventually drove off, and she didn’t make it to the afternoon session of the hearing.

The troubled pop singer stayed home during the hearing’s morning session, which ex-husband Kevin Federline, 29, attended.

Spears was not legally required to go, and she originally had “no plans” to do so, according to a source. But another source said her legal team “strongly advised” her to attend, and by the lunch break her lawyer said he was “hopeful” she’d show in the afternoon.

About 1:15 p.m., her car arrived at the courthouse. In a confusing sequence of events, the car at one point pulled into the garage, and at another point Spears got out for a few seconds, when she said she was scared and got back in. The car also was seen driving around the block, and at least once it pulled up to the curb, was met by photographers, and drove away.

The court hearing is focusing on Spears’s four-hour Jan. 3 standoff with police, firefighters and paramedics at her Studio City home. Events that evening resulted in Spears being hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Federline currently retains sole legal and physical custody of the couple’s two sons, Preston, 2, and Jayden, 1. Spears was stripped of all visitation rights following her hospitalization.

Source: People Magazine

UK Chart Update For Week Ending January 13th

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“Piece Of Me” has risen 17 places in the official singles chart and is now #2 in the UK, the CD single having been released last Monday. The song has a higher peak than the last single, “Gimme More”, which peaked at #3 in the same chart.

Talking about “Gimme More”, it’s risen 11 places to #34 this week, after 11 weeks on the chart!

In the official album chart, “Blackout” has risen 17 places to #41!  Hopefull it’ll be back in the top 40 by next week!

Monday's Custody Hearing Could Be Britney's Last Chance

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TMZ has learned that Monday’s custody hearing could be one of the most important days in Britney Spears’ life. We’re told Brit must show and face the judge if she’s got any hope of getting her kids back. Our sources tell us if she doesn’t show, or is uncooperative, it could be curtains for her custody case.

What’s more, police sources tell TMZ that Commissioner Scott Gordon will hear firsthand eyewitness accounts of last Thursday’s breakdown from LAPD, firefighters and paramedics who were on scene. We’re told they’re not going to paint a pretty picture.

Also, we’ve learned the L.A County Sheriff’s Department isn’t taking any chances — they’re ready for anything. If Brit Brit loses it in court, they’ll be there to “handle” the situation.

Source: TMZ

Britney On Track For Another UK Top 3 Single

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According to today’s midweek chart update, “Piece Of Me” is set for a #2 position.  It’s sold 13.2k so far, with the #1, Basshunter, selling 22k.  Soulja Boy is less than 1k behind Britney, so hopefully they don’t overtake her!

I seriously don’t know how Basshunter is #1!  Who buys that crap?!

Come back Sunday to find out Britney’s final chart position…