Britney Wows TV Critics With Acting Skills

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Britney Spears‘ sitcom comeback Monday night was met with warm reception by critics.

“She did pretty good” playing a dorky receptionist who falls for Ted (Josh Radnor) on CBS’ Hot I Met Your Mother, Charna Halpern, artistic director of Chicago’s Improv Olympic Comedy Club, tells “There was a sweetness to her, a vulnerability.

“She looked beautiful and had screen presence,” adds Halpern, who has trained such comedians as Tina Fey. “Even when she was behind the desk and they made her look kind of homely, she was adorable.”

Her comedic timing “was good at some parts, especially in some of her reactions,” Dean Cudworth, director of the Idol Camp, tells Us.

Cudworth said the scene where she handed Ted an embarrassing self-help book he had left in the lobby “really worked because she was relaxed,” Cudworth said. “She was listening to the other characters and played off their performances with ease.”

Her role was “over the top, and she certainly went for it,” Aliza Shane, senior director of NYC’s Looking Glass Theater, tells Us. “Clearly, she likes being on camera, no one can argue that!”

Source: Us Weekly

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  • Sheena


    She was great and looked soooooo cute and adorable.


  • ciara


    I am really glad that people are praising her for her part in the show. It is a really nice feeling to see good things being said about britney. This is the way all us britney fans want to be and to stay this way. Onwards and up words from here britney.


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