Britney's Perfumes Still #1

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According to  E! Online, Britney’s perfume brand was the biggest selling in 2007 among all the other celebrity perfumes.

The scents are reported to have earned a total of $84 million for Elizabeth Arden in the last year alone!

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  • Jay B.


    Great Britney news, i’m glad she is doing well.
    But don’t you think it is quite surprising that 2007 was the worst year for her, but still she managed to outsell all other celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Kylie Minogue , The Beckhams and Diddy.
    It just goes to show that Britney is a major force to reckon with, and still has the pulling power.


  • prem


    Yeah, i agree Jay B. The one thing that i kinda regret is that all these transformations of her getting better like working out thrice a day, hiring a nutriotionist and getting rid of that hideous pink wig should have been done like 8 MONTHS AGO!!

    I love her to death but I’m worried that she has wasted her age just a little bit in the past. However, that’s all behind us now, and I’m more that just glad that she is in such great shape.


  • Sheena


    Yea Jay B. i agree too. It’s awesome!!!!


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