How Britney's Getting Fit

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Driving away from a Bally Total Fitness gym in Culver City, Calif., recently, Britney Spears was smiling from ear to ear — and with good reason. The singer has been sweating up a storm in an attempt to get in shape, and thanks to three-times-a-day workouts and a five-small-meals-a-day diet, Britney, 26, is already on her way to getting back her sexy body.

“We’re very excited to see Britney using our clubs so often and enjoying her workouts,” Bally’s chief marketing officer John Wildman tells OK!. “She’s taking advantage of our personal-training and nutritional programs and getting great results. She’s working extremely hard on both programs.”

Now Brit is working with Bally’s trainer Mark Corlis, an insider tells OK!. “She’s doing really well with him,” the source says. “Mark doesn’t cut Britney any slack. He doesn’t baby her, and that’s why she likes him.”

Britney’s exercise program is called Active Recovery. That’s when you work each muscle group intently for a short period of time until you exhaust it, moving — without resting — from muscle group to muscle group. The mother of two is doing it a couple of times each day, followed by late-night cardio at home.

That final workout is key to Britney’s routine because she’s burning off her last meal before going to sleep.

The junk-food junkie has also taken a new approach to eating. Her five small meals a day have cut her daily total caloric intake down by about 1,000 calories. The good news? She can still eat many of the foods she loves, including pasta and pizza, but in much smaller portions.

And that’s a good thing because OK! has learned that her goal is to go from her current approximate weight of 133 pounds down to 118 over a sensible three months. “Britney carries a lot of muscle, so she is never going to be one of those 100-pound girls,” the source tells OK!.

Source: OK! Magazine

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  • Sheena


    I’m so glad Brit is gettin back into really great shape, she’ll always be hot, but gettin healthier and stuff is very awesome and i’m so very glad for her.


  • shannon


    Brit’s working really hard . She should be proud. I think she inspires alot of people to get back in shape! Three times a day might be a bit much, but thats why she looks the way she does !


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