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Britney #19 On Maxim's Latest Most Sexy List

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Speaking of Britney Spears and her reformation, the songstress has successfully strutted her way back onto the Top 20 of Maxim magazine’s Hot 100 list — scraping in at No. 19. Seeing as though our gal didn’t even make the cut last year, we’re pretty proud of how far she’s come.

After sneak-peaking at the steamy list, we can safely say Spears beat the likes of Cameron Diaz, Beyonce, Penelope Cruz, Mandy Moore and Sienna Miller.

“… [Britney] still oozes genuine sexiness, and if anyone can make a comeback, it’s her,” a Maxim editor said.

But there are a few sexy surprises as well — the not-so “Ugly” America Ferrera comes in at No. 84, Emma Watson makes her debut at No. 94, tattooed Tinseltowner Kat Von D is No. 62 and Meg from “Family Guy” (aka Mila Kunis) gets to show off much more than just her voice in the men’s mag as she comes in at No. 81.

Source: Fox News

It’s good to see her back on one of these lists again. Keep it up, Brit!

Britney Hits Another Car

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Another Britney Spears fender-bender, another instant online video.

Paparazzi had cameras rolling when the pop star’s white Mercedes-Benz coupe rear-ended a red Ford Explorer Tuesday in Beverly Hills.

The video, posted on, shows Spears in the driver’s seat. Wearing a ponytail and aviator shades, she covers her mouth with her hand after realizing she hit the car in front of her.

No one was injured and police were not involved. Photos and video do not reveal any visible damage to either car.

The 26-year-old’s bodyguard, who was riding in the passenger seat, gave Spears’ information to the female driver of the SUV, and TMZ reported.

Spears was involved in a separate fender-bender on April 12. No one was injured or cited in that accident.

Source: Fox News

I can’t believe people are making a big deal out of this, I’ve seen pics and she barely even touched it!

Britney's Second Sitcom Appearance A Hit

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Britney Spears’ second appearance on the sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” has further impressed the show’s producers, who think her performance as ditzy receptionist Abby was even better than her debut.

The show’s bosses now want Spears to consider a regular role on the sitcom, which enjoyed its best viewing figures ever when Spears first appeared in March.

Sources claim Spears is very popular with the cast and crew on the show.

Co-creator Craig Thomas says, “She was better than the first time.

“(Viewers have seen) that the door is still open for her to come back.”

Spears’ second stint on the hit comedy aired on Monday night.

Source: SF Gate

Apparently Britney attracted 600,000 viewers than the episode from the previous week.

Britney Working On Sixth Album

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After spending countless hours in the recording studio over the last few weeks, Swedish producer Bloodshy, of Bloodshy and Avant, has confirmed via MySpace that Britney is in the process of recording her sixth studio album.

Britney has been spotted at a studio in Burbank numerous times, including visits in the past week.  She has been accompanied by her former (?) manager Larry Rudolph every time.

Britney also dined out with her long time billionaire friend, George Maloof, last night.  George is the owner of the Palms hotel in Las Vegas, where Britney performed a comeback set in 2003.

Check out the confirmation message by Bloodshy here.  What do you think about this?  Are you ready for a new album?  Sad about the premature death of Blackout?  Leave a comment to let us know what you think!

Britney To Get More Time With Sons

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Britney Spears will get more time with her sons during visitation, a court ruled Tuesday.

“We are so pleased with Britney’s progress, and we are appreciative of the court’s recognition of this progress,” Spears’s parents, Jamie and Lynne Spears, said in statement after a hearing attended by the pop star and her ex-husband Kevin Federline.

It was not clear how much more time Spears was granted. Federline’s attorney characterized the court order as “an expansion of time.”

“It is a cautious step, but a step forward nonetheless,” said lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan. “We are seeing signs of [Britney’s] progress, and consistency over time is something welcome by Kevin … The children are doing great.”

Spears, with lawyer Blair Berk and both of her parents, smiled as she left the courtroom and headed for her SUV, but did not talk to the press. Earlier, during a break in the hearing, the singer was seen looking teary-eyed. However, during a second break, she smiled and held her mother’s hand as she went back into the courtroom.

During that break, Spears and her lawyers, as well as Federline and his attorney, convened to adjacent rooms outside of the courtroom.

The hearing began around 9:40 a.m. on Tuesday. Spears, wearing a knee-length brown and white dress, was accompanied by her lawyer and both of her parents. Federline, wearing a tan pinstriped suit, was with Kaplan.

Spears has spent the last several months keeping a relatively low profile – and staying out of trouble. The singer was hospitalized at UCLA Medical Center’s psych ward in January. Her custody arrangement has consisted of only monitored visitation rights with her sons, Preston, 2, and Jayden, 1, several times a week – but no overnight privileges. Her father and a lawyer maintain legal control of her affairs until a July 31 hearing.

Since her father took control of Spears’s life, the singer has been spending more time with her family – including her previously estranged mom. (She recently attended a baby shower for her sister, Jamie Lynn, in Kentwood, La.)

Spears has also been hard at work filming her second appearance on How I Met Your Mother, which will air May 12.

Source: People Magazine

Britney Attends Alicia Keys Concert With Parents

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Britney Spears was at the Alicia Keys concert last night with her mom and dad — the night before her big showdown in court.

Spies tell us security at the Staples Center in Los Angeles had to clear the bathroom out when Britney went to tinkle. She was followed back and forth from the little girls’ room by a stampede of little girls — it looked like a “cattle call,” our spy said.

Brit was a good girl though — she was gone by 10:30 PM.

Source: TMZ