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Jim Beanz Confirms He's Working With Britney

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Her latest album, “Blackout,” isn’t yet a year old, but already Britney Spears is working on recording the follow up.

Before she traveled to Kentwood, Louisiana, earlier this week to be by the side of her teen sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, who gave birth on Thursday, Britney was hitting the studio with Jim Beanz, the producer told Us Weekly.

“Britney is amazing,” Beanz told Us.

Though Britney continues to battle things out in the courtroom over her child custody issues and the conservatorship she is under, none of the drama plays out when the two are working, according to Beanz.

“Everyone has personal stuff, but a true professional doesn’t bring it into the studio,” he said.

Source: Access Hollywood

Pussycat Dolls Video Cameo Edited Out

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MTV, who have the exclusive of the new Pussycat Dolls video, “When I Grow Up,” are reporting that Britney’s appearance has been edited out of the final cut. “A spokesperson for the Dolls could not be reached for comment on why Spears was not included in the video. The group’s members did not elaborate on the edit during the taping of “FNMTV” Thursday night in Los Angeles.
Spears was filmed last week driving in a car for her cameo, though an unnamed set source told US Magazine she did not interact with the group or dance while on set. “They all wave at each other as they are passing in traffic — that is it. Of course, Britney looks hot and blonde. It is a very short sequence, but [Britney] had a lot of fun with it. Britney really likes the Dolls’ music and when she saw them on the MTV [Movie Awards], she was totally down to do the video,” the source told the magazine.

Neither Spears’ nor the Dolls’ spokespeople would comment on the shoot at the time and attempts to reach Spears’ representatives on Thursday (June 12) about the now-shelved cameo were unsuccessful.”

All "Blackout" Releases Leave UK Chart

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For the first time since October 2007, Britney hasn’t got any releases in the UK top 75 charts, as “Blackout,” “Piece Of Me” and “Break The Ice” all leave the albums and singles chart this week. This is only the second week in its run since release that “Blackout” will not have been in the top 75, having sold over around 250,000 copies in the UK, including around 120,000 this year alone.

Guy Sigsworth Says He Is Working With Britney

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Guy Sigsworth, who produced “Everytime” and “Over To You Now” for Britney’s fourth album, “In The Zone,” and “Someday (I Will Understand),” has said he is working on Britney’s 6th album at the moment.

The statement was made when talking about current projects, which also see him working with Korn lead singer, Jonathan Davies. Guy said, “It’s weird to think I’m doing him and Britney at the same time. I don’t know if I’ll try to persuade them to do a duet together. That might be pushing it too far.”

"Radar" Release Cancelled

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The release of “Radar” has been cancelled worldwide, ending promotion for the “Blackout” project – Jive Records USA have removed the radio add date (which was originally 24th June) and have not sent out promotional CDs containing the track. SonyBMG UK have also confirmed that there will be no more singles from the album in the UK, as Britney is in the studio working on new material.

Thanks to UKBritney.TV.