What? Britney Spears was married? MTV.com comments on the marriage that 'never' happened

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The next time Britney Spears gets married, she can, if she wants to, still wear white. Courtesy of the legal loophole of an annulment, Spears has never, technically, been married.

Just like a divorce, an annulment is a legal procedure that invalidates a marriage, but unlike a traditional divorce, annulments treat the marriage as if it never happened.

“It’s saying something never existed that we all know existed,” said famed divorce lawyer Raoul Felder, who has represented clients such as Robin Givens, David Gest, Rudolph Giuliani and Mick Jagger’s ex Luciana Morad. “It’s a legal fantasy. It can’t happen in a real state like [it did], it happens only in Vegas like that. People do it so that when they meet someone at a cocktail party they can say they have never been married.”

Spears was granted an annulment on Monday, ending her weekend marriage to childhood pal Jason Allen Alexander on the grounds that she and her husband of 55 hours were “incompatible” (see “Britney Single Again As Judge Annuls Marriage”). Neither will get spousal support following the proceeding and Spears told the Clark County District judge that she was not pregnant at the time of the annulment. The singer was granted the annulment on the basis of a “lack of understanding” of her decision to get married.

Felder said couples sometimes opt for an annulment to avoid the stigma of a divorce, paving the way for a church-sanctioned marriage in the future. “It’s absurd that she said she didn’t understand,” Felder said. “But she should have no problem getting married again, since if you get annulled in one state it is recognized in all states.”

Rules vary from state to state, but the general grounds for annulment include misunderstanding, refusal/inability to consummate the marriage, concealment (of addiction, felonies, children or sexually transmitted diseases) or fraud/misrepresentation. Because they are more narrowly defined than divorces, civil annulments are generally harder to obtain, though most annulments take place after brief marriages such as Britney’s, which is why property and assets are not typically an issue.

Basketball star Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra were granted an annulment nine days after their 1998 Vegas marriage, citing fraud related to Rodman’s inebriation during the ceremony. A Las Vegas judge also approved the 2000 annulment of the quickie marriage of “Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire?” star Rick Rockwell and Darva Conger after the bride.

Source: MTV.com

Official: 'The Onyx Hotel Tour 2004'

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An “onyx” by definition is a precious black gemstone that emits various colors of light depending on the light you shine into it. The ONYX HOTEL is a unique, mysterious hotel powered by an onyx stone. Each guest who enters this hotel shines their own light into the onyx, and in return, makes their fantasies come to life. It’s a vibrant, whimsical place where wondrous dreams are realized, and the darkest of secrets are revealed.

Source: BritneySpears.com

You can pre-order your AMERICAN concert tickets via the official fan club, which costs just under $25USD to join. No tickets are yet available for the international dates. BritneyMagnet.com reports that Britney will perform in Paris on June 3rd 2004, before she heads to Portugal for the Rock In Rio on June 5th.

Jive Postpones 'Toxic' Single Release in UK Due To Vegas Wedding Fiasco

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Britney Spears has delayed her next single because of her wedding fiasco.
Bosses at Jive Records fear bad publicity over the drunken Las Vegas stunt will affect sales of Toxic and have postponed its release until March 1.

They also want to stop her making public appearances to plug it.

Britney wed pal Jason Alexander last weekend after two days of partying.

The marriage was later dissolved.

Source: The Sun

More Info On 'Toxic' Video – J Kahn Says We'll See Funny Side Of Britney

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Joseph Kahn (director of ‘Toxic’) is preparing to bring us a new, funnier Britney.
He reports we’re going to see “a whole new Britney Spears” in her next music video, “Toxic,” which is currently being edited.

“You don’t really see any funny Britney Spears videos, but this is one that will be,” he says.

Kahn tells us that Britney “is a really funny girl. For all the sexiness she exudes and the sort of wildness about her, there’s also this sweet, Southern girl with an incredible sense of humor. And it’s a very friendly sense of humor, never at anyone’s expense. It’s very refreshing.”

In the video, Britney tracks down her spy agent boyfriend through Tokyo, Paris and London, then administers a fatal dose of poison to the cheating scum, played by “The Ring” hottie Martin Henderson.

“It’s very slick and big budget,” says Kahn, who’s also helmed videos for the likes of Eminen, Janet Jackson and Destiny’s Child. “You’ll see Britney with red hair and black hair, in lots of different outfits. But more importantly, you’re going to see the funny Britney. You know how normally she’s making out with some sexy guyin her videos? In the opening of this video, she’s kissing a 200-pound computer programmer looking dude. I talked to the guy who played him afterward and he said it was the pinnacle of his life.”

We bet.

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Eww, Hugh Hefner Says 'Britney Would Make A Great Girlfriend' and a 'Great Playmate'

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She’s already worn mouse ears. Would she consider bunny ears?

With her latest attention-grabbing headlines, one-time mouseketeer Britney Spears, 22, has won the affection of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, 77.

‘Britney would make a great girlfriend,’ Hefner told Us Weekly magazine for its Jan. 19 issue.

‘Picasso had his pink period and his blue period. I am in my blonde period right now,’ said the legendary ladies man.

Spears was married in an impromptu Las Vegas ceremony early Saturday, then filed for an annulment two days later. The ex-groom, Jason Allen Alexander, is a childhood friend of hers from Louisiana.

Hefner revealed that he’d also like to see Spears appear as a Playmate. She ‘really epitomizes the type of beauty that we like in the magazine,’ he said.

Meanwhile, the L ondon Telegraph yesterday put a fresh, if cynical spin on the Spears wedding story.

The nuptials, the paper suggests, may have been just a ruse to cook up more sales for the pop singer’s flagging new release, ‘In the Zone,’ which, with 1.6 million copies in circulation, has sold roughly one-third the number of her last album.

‘If you rearrange the letters of ‘Britney Spears,” the paper notes, ‘You come up with ‘Best PR in Years.”

Source: Newsday

Jason's Ex is Jealous Of Britney, She tells how Jason became 'Besotted' with Britney..

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THE ex-sweetheart of the hunk who married Britney Spears has been left devastated, pals said last night.

Pretty Corie Miller, 22, had dated handsome Jason Alexander since she was 17 and had expected to become his wife.

Friends said she was “madly in love” with him until he suddenly dumped her last month after becoming besotted with pop queen Britney.

He and the superstar singer, both 22 and from the same town of Kentwood, Louisiana, had a “wild” 5.30am marriage in Las Vegas at the weekend.

But it was annulled within 48 hours after they realised they had made a mistake and contacted advisers.

Friends said the first Corie knew of it was seeing it on the news. One said: “She screamed out loud and burst into tears.

“She is really, really upset. I don’t know if she has managed to speak to Jason but I think there are a few things she wants to say to him.”

Corie and Jason were photographed together at their high school prom in 2000, with her looking stunning in a red evening gown.

She was the captain of the cheerleading team at private Oak Forest Academy in Amite, Louisiana, and considered “the catch of the school”.

One pal said: “They had a tumultuous relationship but Corie fully expected them to get engaged and marry. But he suddenly dumped her just before Christmas. Next thing she knew, he was hanging around with Britney.

“She was upset enough about that but when she heard about the marriage, she was devastated. This has really kicked Corie down.”

Another friend said: “Jason was a real wild child at school, the class clown. Everything was a joke to him.

“He and Corie were very much together but he cheated on her a lot. I think she probably knew but she turned a blind eye. But this thing with Britney was a real shocker.”

Corie, who is from a wealthy family, was said to be “an all-American girl” who is a regular churchgoer and student at university in Baton Rouge, near New Orleans.

Meanwhile staff and customers at Jason’s local bar described him as a “ferocious fighter” who once had a brawl broken up by police using pepper spray.

Security guard Chris Gautier, 25, who works at Extra Innings in Hammond, Louisiana, said: “He has an extremely short fuse. He’s had his fair share of fights here.”

Jason’s sister Amanda, 18, dismissed his boozy Vegas wedding as “something crazy” for New Year, adding: “We all knew it was just a joke.”

Source: The Sun