Britney To Dance In An Elevator For Madonna Video

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Britney Spears and Madonna‘s latest hookup has been temporarily derailed by a technical glitch.

Spears had been scheduled to begin shooting a video montage for Madonna’s upcoming tour this morning at the Lots soundstage in Hollywood. But production insiders say that because the set was not finished in time, cameras will not roll until tomorrow.

The set features an elevator, in, around and on which Spears will dance.

“The video will be very deep,” a source in the Spears camp tells E! News. “You’ve never seen Britney like this before. It will blow your mind.”

Madonna reached out to Britney to do the project, says the source.

The Material One’s publicist, Liz Rosenberg, would only say that “there is footage being shot of Britney some time this week in conjunction with Madonna’s upcoming tour” and that the segment was not a music video.

“That is all the information I have available,” the rep added. “The rest is a secret.”

Source: E! News

The image shows Britney leaving Kim Vo’s hair salon today in preparation for the shoot.

Britney To Shoot Video Footage For Madonna This Week

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Britney Spears will team up with Madonna – virtually – during the singer’s upcoming Sticky & Sweet tour.

“Britney is going to film something for Madonna’s show in the next week or so,” Madonna’s rep, Liz Rosenberg, tells PEOPLE.

As for details about what they will be doing – and where it will be filmed – Rosenberg says, “I don’t know. It’s a secret.”

Contrary to published reports, Spears is not in New York to film the video segments, nor has she already shot anything.

This isn’t the first collaboration for the pop stars. The two famously teamed up during the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, sharing the stage – and one memorable kiss – during the broadcast.

Spears is not expected to perform with Madonna, whose tour kicks off in Wales next month. The U.S. leg of her tour starts Oct. 4 in East Rutherford, N.J.

Source: People Magazine

Larry Rudolph Confirms Madonna Tour Video

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Despite rumors of Britney Spears joining Madonna onstage for her upcoming “Sticky & Sweet” tour, it appears the duo will only appear together on video. “Britney’s doing a video piece this week for Madonna’s new tour,” Brit’s manager, Larry Rudolph, told Access Hollywood. The video will reportedly be shown on giant video screens during Madge’s world tour. No word if the duo will recreate their VMA smooch in the video, but fans sure can hope!

Source: Access Hollywood

"Radar" Promo CD Single

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This was sent out to radio stations before the song was cancelled as a single in favour of recording a new album.  It’s being sold on eBay, so let’s hope that whoever places the winning bid uploads he instrumental!

Darkchild Talks More About Britney´s New Album

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Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, who confirmed last week that he is working with Britney on her upcoming sixth studio album, has given another interview to E! and talked more about what´s going on with Britney and her album.

Some of the highlights of the interview include:

She is surrounding herself with the right team, including Larry Rudolph.

She asks for Starbucks and Red Bull while in the studio.

She recorded the first track in 2.5 hours, while usually a session lasts 8 to 10 hours.

She´s “ready for a comeback”, but “never really went away”.

“This album is gonna be a huge album”.

They´re going to work on another song together.

“This song is going to be a huge song in the clubs, a huge ringtone song, I play it for the first time to people and they´re like ´woah, it´s reinventing Britney´.

“She´s focussed”.

To watch the full interview and find out more info click here.

Rumour: Britney To Film Video Cameo For Madonna's Tour

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MADONNA has asked troubled BRITNEY SPEARS to join her on tour — and pals hope she will give guidance to the young star.

The Queen Of Pop, 49, is set to record a video with Britney, 26, in New York tomorrow.

The footage will be broadcast on huge screens as part of Madge’s Sticky and Sweet tour, which kicks off on August 23.

Madonna has also invited Britney to appear in person on some of the world tour dates.

A source close to Britney revealed: “They are recording a video together on Sunday that will provide the backdrop for part of Madonna’s show.

“And they are talking about Britney taking the stage on a few of the dates too.

“There’s no doubt that her and Britney together will spell fireworks again.

“It’s hoped that Madonna can help Britney get back to her old self. Appearing with Madonna would really kickstart her career again. She’s been there and done it so could provide some great guidance.”

Britney and Madonna stunned fans at the MTV Music Awards in 2003 by sharing a passionate kiss.

The source added: “If anyone can mastermind a Britney comeback, it’s Madonna.

“Lots of people will be hoping there’s a repeat of the kissing incident a few years ago.”

The Toxic singer has always been a huge fan of Madge — and even converted to her Kabbalah religion. But it has been reported that their relationship cooled after Britney lost interest in the mystical Jewish faith.

The source added: “Maybe this means Britney is ready to devote to Kabbalah again as she tries to sort herself out.”

Madonna’s new tour to support album Hard Candy promises to be her sexiest yet.

She will turn 50 a week before it kicks off in Cardiff — but still plans to shock fans with a controversial stage show.

The singer will even pretend to be MUMMIFIED as part of a routine.

Britney lost custody of kids Sean Preston, two, and one-year-old Jayden James as she battled her demons.

Source: The Sun

Taio Cruz Working On Britney's New Album

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Taio Cruz has revealed that he is writing songs for Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

The UK R&B star is working in Philadelphia with producer Jim Beanz on new material for the duo, according to the Daily Star.

Cruz is also reportedly penning tracks for Leona Lewis and Shayne Ward on the request of Simon Cowell.

Other acts rumoured to be teaming up with the ‘I Can Be’ singer include Sugababes and Anastacia.

Source: Digital Spy

Kara Dioguardi Working On Britney's Album

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Kara Dioguardi, the writer of “Heaven On Earth” and “Ooh Ooh Baby” on Britney’s last album, has confirmed that she is working with Britney again on her new album!  Her official site also confirms that she’s collaborating with Danja and Bloodshy & Avant.  Can’t wait to hear what all these amazing producers and writers come up with for her this time!

Here’s the full news article off Kara’s official website:

This month Kara continues to work with recording artists David Cook, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato,Tyler Hilton, Christina Milian, Laze & Royal, David Archuletta, Pink, Esmee Denters, Kesha, Street Drum Corps, Miranda Cosgrove. She is currently collaborating with writers/producers Justin Timberlake, Steve McEwan, Danja, Brian Howes, Jess Cates, Jason Reeves, Marti Frederiksen, John Fields, Dan & Leah, Nicole Morier, Bloodshy & Avant, Cisco Adler.

Britney Recording Last Night

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Britney was spotted at a recording studio in Hollywood last night, after a couple of weeks without going to record (although she could still be recording at her house).

I wonder who she’s working with this time?  Perfecting her songs with Darkchild?  Or maybe she’s working with some hot unknown producers!  I can’t wait to hear what they come up with, whoever it is!